The Big Shift: New Strategies for Service Line Growth

Driving priority service line revenue is more critical than ever—and healthcare marketers are the vanguard for this pivotal mission, poised to develop best strategies to restore patient volume.

U.S. health sys­tems saw esti­mat­ed loss­es total over $202 bil­lion between March and June of this year. Among the cur­rent pri­or­i­ties for health­care mar­keters amidst the pan­dem­ic, there is an acute focus on accel­er­at­ing rev­enue growth. A pri­ma­ry focus is on mar­ket­ing, edu­ca­tion and patient out­reach to restore patient volume.

For effec­tive ser­vice line mar­ket­ing strate­gies dur­ing the COVID-19 era, there are four areas that must evolve:

  • The Shift in Plan­ning: From Squeaky Wheels to Strate­gic Focus
  • The Shift in Con­tent: From Hard Sell to Consumer-Centric
  • The Shift in Chan­nels: From Iso­lat­ed to Integrated
  • The Shift in Tools and Track­ing: From Vapor­ware to Val­ue Add

Down­load our guide and dis­cov­er how a reimag­ined approach to ser­vice line mar­ket­ing will improve com­mu­ni­ty health and ignite long-term finan­cial suc­cess for your organization.

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