The Big Shift: New Strategies for Service Line Growth

Driving priority service line revenue is more critical than ever—and healthcare marketers are the vanguard for this pivotal mission, poised to develop best strategies to restore patient volume.

U.S. health systems saw estimated losses total over $202 billion between March and June of this year. Among the current priorities for healthcare marketers amidst the pandemic, there is an acute focus on accelerating revenue growth. A primary focus is on marketing, education and patient outreach to restore patient volume.

For effective service line marketing strategies during the COVID-19 era, there are four areas that must evolve:

  • The Shift in Planning: From Squeaky Wheels to Strategic Focus
  • The Shift in Content: From Hard Sell to Consumer-Centric
  • The Shift in Channels: From Isolated to Integrated
  • The Shift in Tools and Tracking: From Vaporware to Value Add

Download our guide and discover how a reimagined approach to service line marketing will improve community health and ignite long-term financial success for your organization.

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