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VP of Strategy Jane Crosby Featured on Touch Point Podcast at HCIC19

by | Nov 12, 2019 | News & Updates | 0 comments

Several of the industry’s leading voices share perspective on digital transformation at the 2019 Healthcare Internet Conference.


Recorded in Orlando, Florida, at the 23rd Annual Healthcare Internet Conference, Touch Point Hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discussed themes coming from this year’s event, including digital transformation, the total customer experience and how to address not only consumers but physicians as a key audience.

Once again, Jane Crosby, vice president of strategy at True North Custom, was featured on Touch Point and brought her unique point of view on content strategy, marketing technology and other critical healthcare marketing topics. Here are a few excerpts:

On Content Strategy

“Our clients are getting more and more savvy with their content strategies and understand that it’s not about just throwing things on your website or blog to see what sticks. There’s more strategy and intentionality behind the content to make it work. Health system marketers are getting better at that. Digitally, it should be a given that we’re online and that our strategies are really strong.”

On Marketing Technology

“I think there’s an issue with some health systems investing in bright shiny objects and not staffing or preparing appropriately to actually use them. CRM can be a good example of that; it never gets fully utilized if you don’t have an FTE dedicated to it.”

On Customer Experience

“A lot of people are talking about breaking the customer experience into its component parts. For example, consumers need to be able to go online to schedule appointments and communicate with their providers; however, trying to tackle all of those puzzle pieces at once can be a huge challenge for marketers. There are a lot of marketers who have tried to invest in all of the tools at once and they’ve had to take a step back and start figuring out how to implement them one by one. That phased approach also helps you figure out which tools are the best fit for you because they all do different things and have different requirements for utilization. Taking a step back and really thinking about what you’re trying to solve and how everything works together has been really important for our clients.”

Jane is joined in the conversation by Curtis Munlin, regional vice president–hospital partnerships at Doximity, and Jared Johnson, consultant and host of the Healthcare Rap podcast.

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