Blog and Social Content

Enable consumer engagement through relevant content that shows you care about your community’s health.

The demand for health-related digital content is at an all-time high—and the internet has surpassed friends, family and even physicians as the No. 1 source for healthcare information. 

To meet the modern consumer’s need for healthcare information, hospital systems and other health organizations must level up their blog and social media strategy to deliver relevant, engaging content where it matters most.

At True North Custom, we help your online consumers discover relevant, engaging blog and social content that encourages healthy lifestyle choices, showcases your organization’s excellence and shares stories of great patient outcomes.

Our blog and social content services include:

  • Content strategy and planning
  • Copywriting and editing
  • ADA compliance
  • Design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content production including articles, infographics, animated videos, editing of client-supplied copy and more 
  • Promotion strategies
  • Regular reporting
  • Content hub build, hosting and ongoing management 

Whether you’re building an audience on Facebook, Instagram or another social media platform, delivering high value and quality content is critical. We guide healthcare organizations through the process of content planning, development, distribution and promotion to increase engagement and deliver results for your investment.

Blogs and Content Hubs

True North Custom’s blogs and content hubs are custom built for the unique needs of our clients, including ADA compliance and a wide variety of features, such as social sharing, e-news integrations and more. By building out a custom site where consumers can experience a wide variety of content formats and sources, free from medically specific content and tech limitations within their CMS, clients are significantly increasing online engagement with their target audiences. 

Our content hub solution includes: 

  • Content hub development and hosting
  • Content creation for animated videos, articles, infographics and other assets
  • Content promotion
  • Reporting on engagement and other leading indicators of conversion intent 

In the absence of a content hub, True North can also support the creation of blog content, social media content, editorial calendars, deployment strategy and more.

Be there when your customers are searching for health topics. We can help. 

“The most important quality I need from a vendor is the creativity and agility to address and solve both my unique and traditional pain points. True North has gone above and beyond. Definitely 5/5 stars!”


Methodist Health System Boosts Consumer Engagement With Integrated Content Strategy

Find out how one of the leading healthcare providers in North Texas evolved its content strategy to drive exponential growth in consumer engagement.

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