Drive Consumer Engagement in Healthcare with Effective Content Strategies

If your community can’t find the answers and information they need on your website and social media, you’ve missed an opportunity—and they'll likely turn to your competitors. Ensure your digital presence empowers consumer engagement in healthcare and converts prospects into lifelong patients.

At True North Custom, we understand how to drive consumer engagement in healthcare at every step on the journey. For more than 30 years, we’ve partnered with health systems to guide their communities and grow their organizations through content solutions tailored to your unique brand, goals and budget:

Blog and Social Content

We help your consumers discover relevant and engaging blog and social content that encourages healthy lifestyle choices, showcases your organization’s excellence through stories of great patient outcomes and provides frictionless pathways to clinical support. We guide healthcare organizations through the process of content planning, creation, distribution and promotion to increase engagement and deliver results. Our work includes unique design capabilities for infographics and animated videos, expertise in integrating new channels like Instagram and the ability to effectively align every aspect of your greater marketing strategy.

Website Content

Consumers are constantly searching for answers to their health concerns and seeking information on their diagnoses. Healthcare providers are uniquely positioned to be a resource during these moments., and robust website content is critical. Gone are the days of solely featuring providers, locations and programs on your site. To compete in your market for conversions and organic rankings, information on a wide variety of symptoms, conditions and treatments is a must. We help healthcare providers across the country develop their web content plans based on service line priorities and SEO research, and then execute on those strategies to ensure performance delivers on goals and generates return on investment. 

Print Publications 

We write for hundreds of healthcare organizations nationwide with diverse audiences. This enables us to capture the attention of particularly challenging stakeholders, take a personalized or daring spin on content and make sure your publishing strategy hits the goals you have set—all while creating content that is inspiring and entertaining for consumers. Our approach to custom publishing is designed to reflect your unique brand voice, local demographics and target delivery schedules while freeing you up from day-to-day production.

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“The most important quality I need from a vendor is the creativity and agility to address and solve both my unique and traditional pain points. They’ve gone above and beyond, starting with the contract review process, continuing with our magazine and website builds and now with our ongoing products. Their responsiveness is among the best I’ve seen. Definitely 5/5 stars!”

— VP of Marketing, Methodist Health System