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With all the projects, planning and website management tasks already on your plate, it's so much easier to avoid this groundwork and, predictably, put it off (and sometimes never get it done).

Consider a free SEO content audit with True North Custom

We take a fresh approach that delivers actionable insights into the types of content that are performing best to boost your website traffic and goal conversions.

What is a content audit?

A content audit is the process of reviewing all of the content from your website(s) in a way that allows you to assist the production support of all future content.

To break it down even further, there are three main components that make up an effective content audit:

  1. Assessing what content is popular and effective
  2. Figuring out ways to improve not-so-successful content
  3. Devising a plan to create, implement and promote your content

What purpose does a content audit serve?

A content audit is a powerful resource for marketers. It’s more than simply an inventory of content you’ve created; it’s a tool to help plan your upcoming year and grow the volume of users who find your site.

True North content audits look at the good, the bad and the ugly, including:

  • What content and keywords most successfully drove page views?
  • What content produced the most viewer involvement—including likes, comments and shares?
  • What content proved the least effective?
  • What content is stale and outdated? Should it be updated or scrapped?

Content audits can help you answer all these questions. They’re especially important because they allow you to move forward in an effective direction rather than aimlessly repurposing past marketing strategies and crossing your fingers in hopes they’ll work.

Plus, a good content audit will help keep your site fresh and relevant, both essential in an increasingly digital world.


What We Do:


Keyword research to increase search visibility


Strategic guidance and project management by a dedicated account team


Automated content reporting system to track weekly progress and growth and to guide optimization

Content Development

Enhanced content for better user experience

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