Why You Need Gated Content to Generate Healthcare Leads

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Learn why gated content works for generating healthcare leads, which content to gate and how to do it for maximum impact.

Hub­spot defines gat­ed con­tent as “any type of con­tent that view­ers can only access after exchang­ing their infor­ma­tion.” In oth­er words, there is a quid-pro-quo trans­ac­tion between the brand and site vis­i­tors where con­tent is hid­den behind a form (gat­ed) and can only be accessed by sub­mit­ting con­tact infor­ma­tion like name, title, orga­ni­za­tion and email address.

While there has been some debate on whether gat­ed con­tent is more effec­tive than ungat­ed con­tent in gen­er­at­ing leads, we believe both are crit­i­cal ele­ments of an effec­tive health­care con­tent strat­e­gy. The key is under­stand­ing the goals, user intent and expect­ed out­comes for each type.

Here’s an overview of ungat­ed and gat­ed con­tent based on high­ly effec­tive con­tent and cam­paigns we’ve devel­oped for health­care organizations.

The Goals of Ungated and Gated Content

Ungat­ed con­tent is cre­at­ed to boost SEO, site traf­fic and brand aware­ness. This is top-of-the-fun­nel con­tent devel­oped to engage a broad­er audi­ence with­in your tar­get mar­ket, build rela­tion­ships with new prospects and bring exist­ing leads back to your web­site as they’re search­ing for health­care infor­ma­tion, spe­cif­ic providers and/or treat­ment options.

Gat­ed con­tent is designed to gen­er­ate and con­vert prospects into patients. This is mid­dle- and bot­tom-of-the-fun­nel con­tent cre­at­ed to engage and nur­ture can­di­dates for high-val­ue ser­vice lines like ortho­pe­dics, bariatric surgery and more.

This approach to fill­ing the fun­nel is espe­cial­ly crit­i­cal with the loss of patient rev­enue due to COVID-19. Grow­ing vol­ume and down­stream rev­enue is emerg­ing as the high­est pri­or­i­ty for health­care orga­ni­za­tions. In fact, half of the health­care mar­keters sur­veyed for our annu­al State of Health­care Con­tent Mar­ket­ing report said lead gen­er­a­tion is among their top con­tent mar­ket­ing goals.

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The Types of Ungated and Gated Content

Ungat­ed con­tent is typ­i­cal­ly a short-form review of a sub­ject that aligns with audi­ence needs and inter­ests as iden­ti­fied by search analy­sis. This can be for­mat­ted as a blog post, info­graph­ic or video and should be opti­mized for spe­cif­ic key­words so the con­tent is dis­cov­er­able by search engines.

Gat­ed con­tent is usu­al­ly a longer-form piece focused on a spe­cif­ic top­ic (e.g. Prepar­ing for Bariatric Surgery) and fea­tures pro­pri­etary research or insights as incen­tive for sub­mit­ting con­tact infor­ma­tion. This can be edu­ca­tion­al resources like white papers, eBooks or sem­i­nars that guide patients and prospects through the health­care journey.

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Best Practices for Gated Content in Healthcare

When cre­at­ing lead gen­er­a­tion cam­paigns for health­care orga­ni­za­tions, here are a few best prac­tices we’ve found to be essen­tial for gat­ed content:

Pro­mo­tion is para­mount. Since gat­ed con­tent is walled off from search bots, organ­ic traf­fic prob­a­bly won’t be a pri­ma­ry source of traf­fic. We rec­om­mend dri­ving users to gat­ed con­tent through high­ly tar­get­ed paid media (search and social ads), direct mail and calls to action embed­ded with­in your web­site con­tent. Email mar­ket­ing is also an effec­tive way to con­vert sub­scribers or re-engage pre­vi­ous leads to rel­e­vant resources based on their interests.

Cre­ate a con­ver­sion-focused land­ing page. Unlike a treat­ment and con­di­tion page or blog post, a land­ing page is laser focused on moti­vat­ing users to take a sin­gle action. An effec­tive land­ing page has a strong head­line, action-ori­ent­ed copy and a sim­ple form that cap­tures vis­i­tor infor­ma­tion that informs imme­di­ate fol­low up along with per­son­al­ized nur­tur­ing campaigns.

Nur­ture leads through the deci­sion cycle. The major­i­ty of site vis­i­tors who access gat­ed content—whether down­load­ing a guide, com­plet­ing a health risk assess­ment or oth­er conversion—are not ready to make a health­care deci­sion. This makes nur­tur­ing an essen­tial part of any ser­vice line growth strat­e­gy, and email mar­ket­ing remains an effec­tive way to keep your brand top of mind, seg­ment prospects and advance them through to conversion.

Track per­for­mance and apply insights to future con­tent. By mea­sur­ing met­rics like total land­ing page vis­i­tors against con­ver­sions, mar­keters can iden­ti­fy fric­tion points in the user expe­ri­ence, deter­mine how well cer­tain types of con­tent per­form, and fine tune sub­se­quent con­tent and cam­paigns. Along with the front-end SEO analy­sis, this type of research will help refine your con­tent strat­e­gy and dri­ve high­er ROI.

We Can Help You Generate Healthcare Leads

Our team of health­care con­tent mar­ket­ing experts can devel­op lead gen­er­a­tion cam­paigns that grow key ser­vice lines.

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