Video: Christine Albert on Leaning Into a Human-Centered Brand Strategy at LCMC Health

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In this conversation for our podcast and 3 Key Insights video series, you’ll learn how Christine Albert and her team at LCMC Health are advancing the system’s mission “to put a little more heart and soul into healthcare.”

LCMC Health Chief Marketing & Experience Officer Christine AlbertAs chief mar­ket­ing and expe­ri­ence offi­cer at LCMC Health, Chris­tine Albert stew­ards the brand and growth strat­e­gy for the six-hos­pi­tal non-prof­it health­care sys­tem based in New Orleans. She also serves on the board for the Soci­ety for Health­care Strat­e­gy & Mar­ket Devel­op­ment (SHSMD), which offers her a unique van­tage point on the evo­lu­tion of the health­care mar­ket­ing discipline.

Among the many com­pelling insights shared dur­ing a recent con­ver­sa­tion with Chris­tine (check out the full inter­view), here are three key takeaways.

Key insight #1: We have a responsibility to build on the trust earned during COVID-19.

We’ve earned trust with the com­mu­ni­ties we serve so there’s oppor­tu­ni­ty to build on and deep­en that even more. That’s what I’m most pas­sion­ate about and it means hav­ing a human-focused brand strat­e­gy and cel­e­brat­ing our fun, quirky and unique peo­ple and con­nect­ing them with the com­mu­ni­ty on a per­son­al lev­el. That brand strat­e­gy worked for us pre-COVID and we leaned into that dur­ing the pan­dem­ic, and it has looked and felt a lot dif­fer­ent than what you saw across the country.

For exam­ple, every­one else was talk­ing about social dis­tanc­ing, hand hygiene and oth­er CDC pro­to­cols. We did that as well, but how we framed and pack­aged the com­mu­ni­ca­tion was built around con­nect­ing with peo­ple in this authen­tic way.

Being based in New Orleans, you can have a lit­tle more fun so we cre­at­ed a com­mu­ni­ty-fac­ing cam­paign with our city part­ners that posi­tioned vac­ci­na­tion as a cause for cel­e­bra­tion. We cel­e­brat­ed with a Sec­ond Line and used ver­nac­u­lar of the city like, “Social dis­tance, Dawl­in,’ don’t stand close.”

Rather than being some­thing scary or stale that you kept hear­ing over and over again, it was col­or­ful and used words that peo­ple were com­fort­able with and under­stood. What could have been a high-stress moment cre­at­ed one of con­nec­tion and comfort.

Key insight #2: A differentiated brand drives bottom-line results.

By tak­ing the time to have a human, warm, com­pas­sion­ate and dif­fer­en­ti­at­ed brand, we’re see­ing direct results to the busi­ness bot­tom line. In the past 18 months, we’ve seen a dou­ble-dig­it, sta­tis­ti­cal­ly sig­nif­i­cant increase in the brand fun­nel met­rics. From HCAHPS (Hos­pi­tal Con­sumer Assess­ment of Health­care Providers and Sys­tems) scores that direct­ly con­nect to brand attrib­ut­es to our share of the mar­ket, we’re start­ing to con­nect the dots around how these ini­tia­tives are mak­ing an impact on met­rics that mat­ter to the C‑suite.

Anoth­er exam­ple of how we’re bring­ing the brand strat­e­gy into the busi­ness world is the way we’re start­ing to human­ize all of our physi­cian bios. This approach cre­ates a con­nec­tion as you’re look­ing for a provider you trust. A lot of our bios have the infor­ma­tion you would expect on med­ical school and boards but we’re also includ­ing short videos where, for exam­ple, pedi­a­tri­cians might share their favorite school sup­ply, ice cream fla­vor or hob­by (like this physi­cian who is a self-pro­claimed “Dis­ney fanat­ic”). These are things that help you con­nect with them and feel like you know that person.

That feels fun and it’s an exten­sion of our brand strat­e­gy, but it’s also hav­ing an impact: We’re see­ing a 50% increase in organ­ic views, a 23% in con­ver­sions to appointments—and all of that trans­lates to revenue.

Sud­den­ly some­thing that feels warm and fun and com­mu­ni­ca­tion-ori­ent­ed has a lot of con­nec­tiv­i­ty to the busi­ness. For that very mod­est invest­ment in time and resources, just to put a lit­tle more thought into the provider bios across the sys­tem, we’re real­ly deliv­er­ing to the bot­tom line.

Being able to tell those sto­ries and make those con­nec­tions is what’s dri­ving a lot of those “aha” moments for us with the C‑suite, and that often leads to oppor­tu­ni­ties to do more. It gives you a dif­fer­ent seat at the table. Each win cre­ates an oppor­tu­ni­ty for the next one.

Key insight #3: How you present information to the C‑suite is important.

Dur­ing COVID-19 in par­tic­u­lar and after, we’ve been able to see a strong desire for online sched­ul­ing and vir­tu­al health. Just see­ing that con­sumer behav­ior on our web­site allows us to take that back to our clin­i­cal lead­er­ship and say, “If we spent zero dol­lars and all we did was open up X% more online sched­ul­ing abil­i­ty or tele­health, we can make $X million.”

We’re start­ing to present that as an oppor­tu­ni­ty cost. That’s been a game-chang­er. When you share insights like that, then you’ve got people’s atten­tion and they want to know how or why. It allows you to dri­ve a con­ver­sa­tion that’s more about oper­a­tional trans­for­ma­tion, which is what we’re look­ing to do.

Watch: Get more highlights from our conversation with Christine Albert via the video excerpts below.

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