Video: 3 Key Insights on Enriching the Consumer Experience with ZoomCare Chief Product and Marketing Officer Beth Gumm

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In October 2020, Beth Gumm joined ZoomCare to “bring consumerism, simplicity and the delight of retail into the healthcare experience.” Here’s how she’s doing it.

ZoomCare Chief Product and Marketing Officer Beth GummIf any­one knows how to con­nect brands with con­sumers to dri­ve growth, it’s Beth Gumm. She has led mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy for some of the most rec­og­nized names in retail con­sumer goods over her career.

Among her myr­i­ad accom­plish­ments, Beth launched the first Pot­tery Barn Kids web­site for Williams-Sono­ma, led glob­al e‑commerce and mar­ket­ing ini­tia­tives for retail giants Gym­boree and Levi Strauss & Co. and drove all aspects of rev­enue for direct-to-con­sumer appar­el start­up Amer­i­can Giant.

Most recent­ly, Beth led e‑commerce, brand, cre­ative and mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy for nation­al­ly promi­nent cook­ware retail­er, Sur La Table.

In this excerpt from our 3 Key Insights video series, Beth describes how Zoom­Care is dis­rupt­ing tra­di­tion­al health­care deliv­ery by putting patients in charge of their experience.

Key insight #1: Healthcare has to be built around the consumer.

We’re all con­sumers of health­care at some point in our lives. It’s the one indus­try we all end up using—and it’s com­pli­cat­ed. Insur­ance has made it com­pli­cat­ed and even just get­ting in to see your doc­tor can take weeks.

Most of our lives are on demand right now: If you want to go some­where, a car is on demand. If you want some­thing to eat, food is on demand. Why not health­care on demand?

That’s why our mis­sion is to make going to the doc­tor easy, afford­able, and enjoy­able. At Zoom­Care, you can sched­ule an appoint­ment today and there’s no sit­ting around a wait­ing room. We’re here to deliv­er excel­lent care when you need us and how you want it, with either in per­son or video vis­its avail­able every day.

Key insight #2: Healthcare marketers should own the consumer experience.

The Zoom­Care mod­el has always been con­sumer dri­ven. When I joined the com­pa­ny, Zoom­Care brought the prod­uct, user expe­ri­ence and mar­ket­ing teams togeth­er because they saw an oppor­tu­ni­ty to bring togeth­er func­tions that real­ly cul­ti­vate con­sumer expe­ri­ence. This also allows us to bet­ter under­stand how brand and prod­uct come togeth­er in a way that is more impact­ful than just hav­ing a great med­ical ser­vice. That has helped focus on things that sim­pli­fy the con­sumer experience.

For exam­ple, right now we’re work­ing on our whole approach to sched­ul­ing. Today you land on our site that was opti­mized for Port­land, because that’s where we start­ed. That’s not par­tic­u­lar­ly rel­e­vant or a great expe­ri­ence if you live in Col­orado. We’re com­mit­ted to the whole notion of health­care that’s con­tex­tu­al­ly rel­e­vant and con­ver­sa­tion­al for patients.

Anoth­er reflec­tion of our mis­sion is the say­ing, “No wrong door.” We can see any kind of patient and we’ll refer you out if we can’t take care of you through our dai­ly care clin­ics or Zoom­Care Super, an emer­gency care plat­form with ER trained doc­tors over­see­ing the care teams.

Through these efforts, we’re work­ing to make it even more sim­ple to find us, to sched­ule the right care and to get back to feel­ing like your amaz­ing self again very quickly.

Ulti­mate­ly, our suc­cess is mea­sured by how good the expe­ri­ence is for the user.

Key insight #3: Content is critical to the patient experience.

Over the last sev­er­al years in eCom­merce, we’ve learned con­tent needs to be infused with com­merce. When peo­ple have made the effort to come to your web­site to learn more, keep con­tent fused into the com­merce type of expe­ri­ence. For us, that’s ulti­mate­ly about get­ting you to a visit.

The onboard­ing jour­ney is a big focus for us. Until you’re ready for a vis­it, how do we onboard you with con­tent? ‘When you raise your hand and say I’m inter­est­ed, how do we take you through a jour­ney of get­ting to know Zoom­Care that is use­ful to you, and has val­ue so that you keep engag­ing with the brand so that when you’re ready, you go right to the scheduler.

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