Improving the User Experience Through Healthcare Marketing

by | May 17, 2017 | Digital Strategy

In healthcare marketing, nothing is more important than improving the user experience, resulting in a pleasant and intuitive process for patients.

A con­ver­sa­tion between patient and physi­cian is just a small slice of the pie when it comes to com­mu­ni­ca­tions among health­care providers and their patients. Today’s health­care con­sumers are reg­u­lar­ly exposed to a wide range of infor­ma­tion, treat­ment options, and updates from their local hos­pi­tal or health sys­tem, and more of this infor­ma­tion is being dis­trib­uted dig­i­tal­ly. In the world of health­care mar­ket­ing, this means keep­ing a close eye on user expe­ri­ence (UX).

“The expe­ri­ence some­one has inter­act­ing with a hos­pi­tal out­side of the facil­i­ty itself can be just as impor­tant in terms of estab­lish­ing loy­al­ty as the direct care they receive,” says Eric Jack­son, Vice Pres­i­dent of Cre­ative Ser­vices at True North Cus­tom. “It’s espe­cial­ly impor­tant for us as health­care mar­keters because the rela­tion­ship between our clients and their patients is more than just a transaction—it’s an ongo­ing dia­logue about their health.”

Communication and Understanding

The key to good UX is a strong under­stand­ing of what your user requires. In most cas­es, this means cre­at­ing a has­sle-free, fric­tion­less jour­ney to their desired des­ti­na­tion, be it a piece of infor­ma­tion or a web­page. Keep­ing an open dia­logue with your audience—both ver­bal­ly and visually—should be a high pri­or­i­ty for health­care mar­keters. These days, the expan­sion of tele­health requires a strong grasp on UX to offer a seam­less expe­ri­ence from start to finish.

“The most impor­tant thing to con­sid­er is the per­son on the oth­er end,” Jack­son says. “You’re devel­op­ing a rela­tion­ship with them, and their feed­back is impor­tant. While you may not have a direct ver­bal dia­logue, there are still lots of sig­nals to pick up on. If those are ignored, you’ve lost that connection.”

Continual Improvement

As the con­ver­sa­tion with your audi­ence changes and evolves, so must the design ele­ments behind their expe­ri­ence. A stag­nant rela­tion­ship is an unpro­duc­tive. In order to keep your audience’s atten­tion, you must adapt to their preferences—regardless of what your design intu­ition may tell you is best.

“Noth­ing is ever fin­ished. If you’re not con­tin­u­al­ly mak­ing adjust­ments and lis­ten­ing to your audi­ence, the qual­i­ty of their expe­ri­ence will even­tu­al­ly drop.” Jack­son says. “Doing things with­out test­ing is real­ly just guess­ing. We use data to inform and dri­ve enhance­ments for con­tin­u­al improvement.”

User Experience Strategies to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

From web­site design to app cre­ation to email mar­ket­ing strate­gies and more, user expe­ri­ence is king. The goal is  improv­ing the user expe­ri­ence through health­care mar­ket­ing. Use the fol­low­ing tips to bol­ster your rela­tion­ship with your audience.

  • Keep your nav­i­ga­tion easy to under­stand and use. Your vis­i­tor should arrive at the intend­ed des­ti­na­tion with the least amount of clicks possible.
  • Keep your focal point vis­i­ble and dis­tinc­tive. Peo­ple scan their screens, so make sure what­ev­er draws their eye is what you want them to see.
  • Don’t impose on the user. Use cau­tion against over­rid­ing the native func­tion­al­i­ty of a brows­er, like chang­ing scrolling behavior.
  • Keep every­thing func­tion­ing. This should go with­out say­ing, but bro­ken but­tons and bad links help no one.

Let’s Level Up Your UX

Our team of dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing experts can ensure your user expe­ri­ence is high­ly engag­ing and effective.

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