Digital Marketing and SEO Tips for Urgent Care Services

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Service Line Growth

With more consumers turning to urgent care as an alternative to the ER—and sometimes even primary care—here’s some digital marketing and SEO tips for finding, engaging and converting new and existing patients to your urgent care services.

As the healthcare industry continues to change and respond to drastic shifts in market demands, urgent care is emerging as a healthcare option of choice for people who want a more convenient, accessible and affordable alternative to the traditional delivery system. Aligning digital marketing and SEO to your desired growth goals with these tips establishes a way to leverage your results and appeal patients to urgent care services and providers.

The rise in demand for urgent care may be fueled in part by the increasing number of people with high-deductible health insurance plans. A staggering 43.7% of privately insured Americans under age 65 carry high-deductible health insurance, according to a May 2018 CDC report based on a 2017 National Center for Health Statistics survey. That’s up by 4.3 percentage points from the previous year’s survey and 18.4 percentage points from 2010, making this segment of the population increasingly important to reach.

As an urgent care provider or hospital system seeking to grow this service line, here are proven urgent care marketing campaign strategies that modern marketers are deploying to grow patient volumes.

Modern Urgent Care Marketing Is Data-Driven

Ideally, any marketing campaign starts with identifying the perfect prospects. Rather than sending your facility’s message out en masse to a geographical area and seeing what sticks, you can use demographics like age, gender, income, self-reported conditions, purchase behavior (e.g., OTC medications), and other variables to tailor your marketing for prospects who are most likely to need urgent care services.

You want your urgent care campaign to reach the right audience with the right message, through the right channel, at the right time. By leveraging demographic data along with self-reported health conditions, commercial payer propensity and other relevant data sets, modern marketers have the tools to identify the best prospects down to the individual mailbox. This can be especially helpful when it comes to prospects who have no prior relationship with your organization.

Modern Urgent Care Marketing Is Highly Integrated

For urgent care providers with multiple locations, market leaders develop integrated campaigns that promote important service lines, such as school and sports physicals, yearly physicals, flu shots, wellness care and family care. By incorporating multiple communication channels—print, digital and social—an urgent care marketing campaign can reach a wider audience with messaging around access, convenience, cost and creating a seamless path to conversion.

To acquire new patients, online and offline tactics can be deployed. This typically encompasses targeting via digital advertising and direct mail that drives users to landing pages where prospects can download a guide, complete an assessment or schedule an appointment depending on where they are in the decision cycle.

Modern Urgent Care Marketing Is Measurable

Modern marketers must be able to show a return for every dollar spent on marketing. Depending on your goals, campaign reporting can include leading indicators like form conversions and patient guide downloads through to downstream revenue as tangible proof that your campaign was worth the investment.

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True North Custom partners with urgent care providers to identify and convert their ideal patients and prospects. Our team of strategy and creative experts is involved at every stage, from idea generation and content development to distribution, measurement and optimization.

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