Top Lead Generation Content Types for Effective Service Line Campaigns

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Whether a consumer is seeking the latest screening guidelines for breast cancer or researching the best physician for knee replacement, one thing is consistent: Content marketing plays a pivotal role on the path to better health.

From pri­ma­ry care and women’s health to spe­cial­ized, high-val­ue ser­vices like ortho­pe­dics, there are fun­da­men­tal ele­ments for engag­ing con­sumers and dri­ving growth across all ser­vice lines.

While each ser­vice has unique deci­sion cycles, selec­tion cri­te­ria and oth­er vari­ables, there are hall­marks of effec­tive lead gen­er­a­tion con­tent that guide your prospects from research and eval­u­a­tion to con­sid­er­a­tion and conversion.

Here are the con­tent types we’ve found to be essen­tial for health­care ser­vice line cam­paigns and high­ly effec­tive when aligned with the con­sumer health journey.

Lead Generation Content Types for the Research Phase

Social media—Social net­works like Face­book and Insta­gram are essen­tial for con­nect­ing with con­sumers seek­ing health infor­ma­tion, provider updates and peer reviews. Use sto­ry­telling and con­tent on trend­ing top­ics to dri­ve engage­ment and pro­mote screen­ings, vir­tu­al sem­i­nars, telemed­i­cine and oth­er top-of-fun­nel CTAs.

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Search opti­mized con­tent for your web­site and blog — Provider sites are a lead­ing entry point for con­sumers seek­ing time­ly, trust­ed infor­ma­tion. To meet their needs and build affin­i­ty for your brand, brain­storm an edi­to­r­i­al cal­en­dar one to two months at a time. Fea­ture infor­ma­tion on trend­ing top­ics, pri­or­i­ty ser­vices and sea­son­al health trends, clin­i­cians and oth­er sub­ject mat­ter experts speak­ing to con­tem­po­rary top­ics of inter­est, and more that will guide con­sumers on their health­care journey.

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Patient edu­ca­tion resources—To engage con­sumers at the research phase, con­tent should pri­mar­i­ly edu­cate them on the spe­cif­ic issue in ques­tion and, more impor­tant­ly, on how the right treat­ment can pos­i­tive­ly impact their health. Health risk assess­ments and down­load­able guides fea­tured on your ser­vice line- or cam­paign-spe­cif­ic pages are effec­tive in edu­cat­ing con­sumers and empow­er­ing them to address con­cerns, clar­i­fy mis­con­cep­tions and take the next step on their jour­ney to bet­ter health.

Here’s an example: Discover how a downloadable guide helped generate leads for a weight-loss campaign.

Earned media place­ments and back­links—Third-par­ty endorse­ments increase expo­sure and bol­ster cred­i­bil­i­ty. This is espe­cial­ly true in the com­pet­i­tive health­care envi­ron­ment. To make your mes­sag­ing stand out in a sea of rep­e­ti­tion, cre­ate con­nec­tions in your com­mu­ni­ty. Build rela­tion­ships with rel­e­vant sources by con­tribut­ing Op-Ed pieces to local news media with details about your safe­ty pro­to­cols. You can also share patient sto­ries with civic asso­ci­a­tions and affin­i­ty groups serv­ing tar­get demo­graph­ics like young fam­i­lies and area busi­ness leaders.

Lead Generation Content Types for the Evaluation Stage

Provider reviews—Con­di­tioned by sites like Ama­zon and Face­book, con­sumers increas­ing­ly seek cus­tomer reviews before mak­ing decisions—and health­care is no excep­tion. The major­i­ty of your ser­vice line prospects will research physi­cians before mak­ing an appoint­ment, and this will only increase with the trend toward greater infor­ma­tion trans­paren­cy. Make sure to encour­age sat­is­fied patients to pro­vide a review, enable them with links to make it easy and pro­mote five-star reviews on your web­site and land­ing pages as social proof of your brand promise.

Email nur­tur­ing jour­neys and con­tent—The large major­i­ty of your web­site vis­i­tors (up to 96%) are not ready to con­vert. Guide these con­sumers through their health­care jour­ney with a well-planned email nur­tur­ing series. This tac­tic deliv­ers rel­e­vant con­tent based on their inter­est while allow­ing you to keep your brand top of mind, advanc­ing the rela­tion­ship from engage­ment through to encounter.

Direct mail—When done strate­gi­cal­ly (tar­get­ed to the right house­holds), direct mail can be an effec­tive tac­tic. Con­sid­er mail­ings to dri­ve screen­ings like colono­scopies and mam­mo­grams. Or to pro­mote dis­count­ed car­dio­vas­cu­lar screen­ing pro­grams, con­nect new movers to pri­ma­ry care providers and area urgent care. When your health sys­tem opens new loca­tions or adds new providers, direct mail is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to reach your community.

Lead Generation Content Types for the Consideration and Conversion Stage

Search ads—Meet­ing your con­sumers when they are research­ing infor­ma­tion pri­or to mak­ing a deci­sion is crit­i­cal to effec­tive ser­vice line mar­ket­ing. Research for key­words that dri­ve the most local traf­fic to com­peti­tor sites and build cam­paigns around those queries. Make sure to align the ads with land­ing pages to improve your qual­i­ty score and increase conversions.

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Land­ing pages—When your con­sumer is active­ly seek­ing infor­ma­tion or solu­tions to health con­cerns, meet­ing her at that moment with a laser-focused land­ing page is essen­tial. An effec­tive land­ing page has min­i­mal copy that mir­rors the mes­sag­ing in your ads. Cre­ate engag­ing visu­als and a clear call to action designed to advance prospects to the next stage in the deci­sion cycle.

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Dig­i­tal con­tent with high con­ver­sion-intent key­words—To make sure you’re there when con­sumers need you, devel­op an SEO strat­e­gy that, at min­i­mum, includes up-to-date list­ings and web­site con­tent for your high­est pri­or­i­ty ser­vice lines that pro­vides a fric­tion­less path to con­ver­sion. Some con­sumers always skip over ads when search­ing for ser­vices, so ensur­ing that your con­tent per­forms well organ­i­cal­ly is a good com­ple­ment to a paid strat­e­gy and will help cap­ture more conversions.

Let’s Elevate Your Service Line Marketing Effectiveness

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