5 Healthcare Marketing Campaigns to Drive Results

by | Mar 15, 2015 | Content Strategy

Hospitals are united around a set of common causes and initiatives, with the challenge of focusing on the most high-return marketing opportunities and campaigns.

To help focus your efforts when hospitals are pulled in countless directions, here are five healthcare marketing campaigns to drive results in 2020.

1. Newly Insured

The vast number of newly insured Americans need to know about the preventive care services now available to them. It’s likely they have been putting off getting themselves and their families the medical attention they have long needed and deserved. By engaging this group with relevant, educational content and resources, they’ll turn to your hospital and physicians as the experts when making healthcare decisions.

2. New Movers

What we find is that hundreds or even thousands of new people are moving into a given service area every single month. These people represent every demographic imaginable—from single women and men to families of all sizes. This is the right time to make your hospital top of mind with these new members of your community. First impressions last forever, so don’t miss the marketing opportunity to extend a warm welcome and promote your primary care physicians, hospitals and healthcare services. They need a new medical home, after all!

3. Chief Medical Moms

Our research tells us that moms make their families’ medical decisions in an overwhelming number of households. If you are not communicating with Chief Medical Mom on a regular basis—keeping her informed about health and wellness topics that impact her and her family, giving her the information she needs about her community and your services, and offering exercise and fitness tips—then you will not be her trusted advisor when the times comes to make a healthcare decision. Magazines and e-newsletters are great ways to reach her, engage her, and position your hospital as a trusted partner in her health care.

4. Your Most Profitable Service Line

Every health system should be analyzing at least two years of patient data to find a new marketing initiative. From there, completely identify the intersection of high revenue and high profit services that your hospital offers. By overlaying that information with community data to find "lookalikes," you have what you need to get started. Healthcare marketing campaigns don't drive results or produce ROI on marketing overnight. They require attention to your internal data to find the right strategy. If regression analysis and predictive modeling aren't in your repertoire, turn to experts in data analytics, digital advertising and digital campaigns to find and engage your best candidates for key services.

5. Population Health Management

Overlooking population health campaigns, and the evolution of the healthcare marketing paradigm for hospitals, is not advisable. The revenue, profit, and cost-containment potential for marketing to ‘at-risk’ segments of your population should not overshadow the fact that it’s the right thing to do.

You could start with a smoking cessation campaign, as smoking is still the #1 cause of preventable death in America. You could look at diet and exercise programs. Sedentary lifestyles and poor diet contribute in a major way to America’s #1 killer, heart disease. How about a behavioral health campaign? Depression is a major problem in America, By the time a child reaches 15, suicide is the #2 cause of death, all the way until that child reaches 25. You could target your healthcare marketing toward people who have diabetes and don’t know it.

There is a modeled data set that exists for population health initiatives. In the new era of healthcare reform and performance based reimbursement, we will all have to get better at marketing for population health management—and fast.

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