Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns Drive Growth for Beaufort Memorial Hospital

For Beaufort Memorial, an integrated digital marketing strategy guided by True North Custom has proven to be effective in driving patient volumes and consumer engagement. In today’s post-pandemic environment, capturing and maintaining consumer relationships is a mission critical task, and one that Beaufort and True North have bravely tackled together.

Dis­cov­er how a growth mind­set and respon­si­ble dig­i­tal strat­e­gy has been instru­men­tal in both guid­ing the com­mu­ni­ty and gen­er­at­ing leads for key ser­vice lines.


Serv­ing a tri-coun­ty area in the Low­coun­try region of South Car­oli­na, Beau­fort Memo­r­i­al includes a 197-bed, acute care hos­pi­tal, a free­stand­ing out­pa­tient surgery cen­ter locat­ed on the hos­pi­tal cam­pus, a full-ser­vice can­cer cen­ter, three urgent care loca­tions and mul­ti­ple out­pa­tient med­ical office buildings.


“True North is a true partner
in every sense of the word.
We com­mu­ni­cate open­ly and
fre­quent­ly; there is no problem
we can’t tack­le togeth­er; they
are extreme­ly cre­ative and
respon­sive; and, they think
about our needs proactively
and responsibly.”
— Court­ney McDermott,
Direc­tor of Mar­ket­ing at
Beau­fort Memo­r­i­al Hospital

Beau­fort Memo­r­i­al turned to True North in 2019 to re-think dig­i­tal strat­e­gy and build effec­tive con­tent and cam­paign plans designed to dri­ve growth across key ser­vice lines like ortho­pe­dics, vas­cu­lar, OB/GYN, oncol­o­gy and access care. COVID-19 cer­tain­ly had oth­er plans in mind for 2020, but agili­ty and ded­i­ca­tion to serv­ing the com­mu­ni­ty by both Beau­fort and True North drove con­tin­ued engage­ment to build loy­al­ty and set the stage for an effec­tive rebound strat­e­gy in 2021.

Togeth­er with True North, Beau­fort Memo­r­i­al devel­oped an inte­grat­ed dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy that includes paid search, dis­play and social media adver­tis­ing, email mar­ket­ing, retar­get­ing, SEO and organ­ic social media plans.

These tac­tics were designed to tar­get the right con­sumers with the right mes­sage at the right time to encour­age them to engage with Beau­fort Memo­r­i­al for var­i­ous health­care concerns.


COVID 19 Response Strategies

From late 2019 — March 2020, cam­paigns had just begun to ramp up and prove suc­cess. The pan­dem­ic upend­ed our plans togeth­er, requir­ing piv­ots in how we pro­mot­ed ser­vices and engaged with the com­mu­ni­ty. Here’s a sum­ma­ry of our suc­cess­es from March — August 2020.

Telehealth: BMH Care Anywhere

Beau­fort Memo­r­i­al offers tele­health via their BMH Care Any­where plat­form. Like many oth­er health sys­tems in 2020, expand­ed uti­liza­tion of tele­health was a major pri­or­i­ty for Beau­fort in an effort to con­tin­ue serv­ing their community’s health needs while min­i­miz­ing phys­i­cal con­tact. Through just paid search, in March and April, BMH Care Any­where reg­is­trants increased by 1,500% with a cost per lead that fell from $12 to $3. New reg­is­tra­tions con­tin­ued to grow from May — August, and cost per lead stayed under $8.

COVID-19 Communications

As a trust­ed local health­care provider, we also believed it would be crit­i­cal to stay in touch with con­sumers about the evolv­ing sit­u­a­tion. True North and Beau­fort quick­ly devel­oped a land­ing page high­light­ing Beaufort’s response to the pan­dem­ic that encour­aged con­sumers to sign up for week­ly COVID-19 updates via email from the health sys­tem. The cam­paign gen­er­at­ed 1,000 leads in just the first 2 weeks at a $0.72 cost per lead. As of August 30, 2,050 leads total had been gen­er­at­ed at a $1.61 cost per lead. The ongo­ing week­ly emails shift­ed to bi-week­ly in the fall of 2020, but con­tin­ue to per­form well with open rates con­sis­tent­ly over 30%, with many par­tic­u­lar­ly time­ly mes­sages with open rates over 60%.

Post-Pandemic Service Line Growth

In the fall of 2020, Beau­fort and True North turned atten­tion back to dri­ving vol­umes across key ser­vice lines like pri­ma­ry care, OB/GYN and ortho­pe­dics. By lever­ag­ing the engage­ment and trust build dur­ing COVID-19, we were able to quick­ly prove suc­cess in our abil­i­ty to dri­ve rev­enue for Beau­fort Memorial.

Note: As you review these met­rics, check out our post on best prac­tices for patient acqui­si­tion cam­paigns to under­stand what these num­bers mean, and what the aver­ages in health­care look like. For paid search specif­i­cal­ly in Pri­ma­ry Care and Women’s Health, our met­rics com­pared to indus­try aver­ages of a 3.3% CTR, 3.4% CVR and $78 CPL are rep­re­sen­ta­tive of our abil­i­ty to con­nect the right con­sumers with the right mes­sages at the right time to dri­ve cam­paign per­for­mance and efficiency.

Primary Care

A major empha­sis for Beau­fort Memo­r­i­al has always been pri­ma­ry care and fam­i­ly med­i­cine ser­vices. From Sept. 1, 2020 — April 31, 2021, our teams have effec­tive­ly dri­ven vol­umes these providers as evi­denced by the fol­low­ing performance:

Paid Search

  • Over 4,000 ad clicks at an 11.2% click-through rate (CTR)
  • 22.84% land­ing page con­ver­sion rate (CVR)
  • 885 qual­i­fied new patient leads at an aver­age cost per lead (CPL) of $9.63

Paid Social

  • Over 8,400 ad clicks at a 1.1% CTR
  • 11.2% land­ing page CVR
  • 946 qual­i­fied new patient leads at a $5.63 CPL

Women’s Health

As the pri­ma­ry health­care deci­sion mak­er in the home, cap­tur­ing the loy­al­ty of women in the Low­coun­try is time and resources well spent. From gen­er­al women’s health to mater­ni­ty care to healthy aging, True North and Beau­fort have exe­cut­ed effec­tive patient acqui­si­tion cam­paigns for these key demographics.

Paid Search

  • Over 4,000 ad clicks at an 14.24% CTR
  • 27.23% land­ing page CVR
  • 1,036 qual­i­fied new patient leads at an $8.06 CPL

Paid Social

  • Over 5,400 ad clicks at a .9% CTR
  • 5% land­ing page CVR
  • 274 qual­i­fied new patient leads at a $18.84 CPL


With the steep decline in elec­tive vol­umes dur­ing the pan­dem­ic, Beau­fort Memo­r­i­al ortho­pe­dic providers were chomp­ing at the bit to see patients again. In Jan­u­ary 2021, we re-imple­ment­ed a dig­i­tal strat­e­gy designed to cap­ture vol­umes that ignit­ed an uptick in momen­tum for joint replacement.

Paid Search

  • Over 1,000 ad clicks at an 8.16% CTR
  • 7.73% land­ing page CVR for joint replace­ment consults
  • 81 qual­i­fied joint replace­ment can­di­dates at an $84.77 CPL

Paid Social—downloadable guide strat­e­gy to cap­ture mid-fun­nel leads

  • Over 2,500 ad clicks at a 1.16% CTR
  • 8.2% land­ing page CVR
  • 206 guide down­loads at a $9.63 CPL
  • 42.72% aver­age email open rate with 39 bot­tom of fun­nel con­ver­sions from email tactics

Blog and Organic Social Strategies

Lever­ag­ing Beaufort’s engaged providers and con­sumer base, True North and BMH believed in the oppor­tu­ni­ty to lever­age blog and organ­ic social media mar­ket­ing as a strate­gic brand effort.

We began our work togeth­er on this effort in ear­ly 2021, and from May 1, 2020 — April 30, 2021, we’ve made sig­nif­i­cant progress:

  • 64% year over year increase in blog sessions
  • 500% increase in blog ses­sions dri­ven by organ­ic search—indica­tive of suc­cess in dri­ving SEO performance
  • 1,371% increase in social post reactions
  • 1,783% increase in social post comments
  • 350% increase in social post shares

While COVID-19 relat­ed con­tent cer­tain­ly drove some of this impres­sive improve­ment, hall­marks of non-COVID relat­ed con­tent that’s per­formed well include:

  • Periph­er­al Vas­cu­lar Dis­ease vs. Periph­er­al Artery Disease
  • Know your lemons: How to do a breast self-exam
  • Home reme­dies for bug bites
  • Symp­toms of per­i­menopause: what you need to know
  • Your colonoscopy prep diet

What’s next?

The True North and Beau­fort Memo­r­i­al teams con­tin­ue to col­lab­o­rate on new ways to engage with tar­get con­sumers and dri­ve rev­enue across pri­or­i­ty ser­vice lines. As dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing evolves, we’re con­tin­u­ous­ly test­ing new chan­nels as well as new tac­tics for old chan­nels. We’re also thought­ful about the evo­lu­tion of Beaufort’s brand, and how that extends to tra­di­tion­al marketing.

Here are a few things we’ll be excit­ed to report on in the com­ing months:

  • Brand cam­paign launch with updat­ed tra­di­tion­al media cre­ative and TV spots focused on Ortho­pe­dics and Can­cer, specif­i­cal­ly, with mes­sag­ing extend­ing across ser­vice lines
  • Inclu­sion of Pan­do­ra, Spo­ti­fy and YouTube adver­tis­ing to sup­port brand cam­paign roll out and test the effec­tive­ness of these dig­i­tal brand channels
  • Com­pre­hen­sive ortho­pe­dics cam­paign with a microsite expe­ri­ence to engage with con­sumers with a vari­ety of joint health con­cerns and con­nect them with the right provider
  • Expan­sion of native adver­tis­ing to sup­port ser­vice line growth initiatives
  • Addi­tion­al down­load­able guides for women’s health to cre­ate more mid-fun­nel con­ver­sion oppor­tu­ni­ties unique to spe­cif­ic demo­graph­ics and health­care needs
  • Opti­mized web­site con­tent to dri­ve organ­ic traf­fic and con­ver­sions and boost SEO performance

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American Health Imaging Uses Digital Marketing Strategy to Reach More Patients

To rebound from mandatory shutdowns due to COVID-19, American Health Imaging pivoted its digital marketing strategy to reach, engage and convert patients.

Amer­i­can Health Imag­ing (AHI) is part of US Radi­ol­o­gy Spe­cial­ists, the largest out­pa­tient imag­ing provider in the coun­try. When the COVID-19 cri­sis began, AHI turned to True North Cus­tom to address con­sumer fears and reach more patients who might be delay­ing med­ical imaging.

The results of the dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy are remarkable.

The Organization

Amer­i­can Health Imag­ing (AHI) is a lead­ing provider of diag­nos­tic imag­ing ser­vices in the Unit­ed States. Head­quar­tered in Atlanta, AHI owns and oper­ates diag­nos­tic imag­ing facil­i­ties across Geor­gia, Alaba­ma, Flori­da and Texas, using the high­est qual­i­ty imag­ing equip­ment and part­ner­ing with sub­spe­cial­ized radi­ol­o­gists to deliv­er supe­ri­or patient care. The com­pa­ny is part of the US Radi­ol­o­gy Spe­cial­ists nation­al radi­ol­o­gy network.

The Challenge

In 2019, AHI select­ed True North as their dig­i­tal and con­tent mar­ket­ing part­ner to dri­ve patient vol­umes across approx­i­mate­ly 35 out­pa­tient loca­tions. The orga­ni­za­tion his­tor­i­cal­ly had imple­ment­ed some dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing and was inter­est­ed in mov­ing towards a more strate­gic approach lever­ag­ing True North’s dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing exper­tise and best prac­tices to reach more poten­tial patients through dig­i­tal cam­paigns.

“You are hands-down the best team to expand our mar­kets and dri­ve demand. We KILL IT togeth­er.”

— Melis­sa West­on, Vice Pres­i­dent of Mar­ket­ing at US Radi­ol­o­gy Spe­cial­ists
Direc­tor at Amer­i­can Health Imaging


The Solution

True North col­lab­o­rat­ed with AHI to devel­op a high­ly tar­get­ed dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy designed to reach more patients and to engage con­sumers who need diag­nos­tic imag­ing ser­vices. Based on the organization’s goals and bud­get, com­po­nents were designed to build brand aware­ness through social media, edu­cate con­sumers on their choice in imag­ing care through strong SEO and mes­sag­ing strate­gies, and dri­ve bot­tom of fun­nel con­ver­sions of exist­ing patient demand through paid search.

The Goals

As we began to devel­op our dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy and media plans for their high­est pri­or­i­ty ser­vices, we out­lined spe­cif­ic goal met­rics, and want to high­light the results of our paid search efforts.

The goals for our paid search cam­paign include the following:

  • 3% click-through rate on impres­sions (2% indus­try average)
  • $3 cost per click
  • 5% con­ver­sion rate (1.81% indus­try average)
  • $60 cost per lead ($78 indus­try average)

The Results

The results of our dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy demon­strat­ed that we were able to suc­cess­ful­ly help AHI to quick­ly reach more patients, even through­out the pandemic.

Our search met­rics for gen­er­al imag­ing ser­vices from Jan­u­ary 1, 2020, to Novem­ber 30, 2020, are as follows:

  • 5.96% click-through rate on impressions
  • $4.11 cost per click
  • 18.27% con­ver­sion rate
  • Over 2,000 total conversions
  • $22.47 cost per lead

The suc­cess of the AHI dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy out­lined here can be attrib­uted to a hand­ful of key fac­tors. First, our mes­sag­ing strate­gies in each ad and land­ing page copy and design are designed to opti­mize, respec­tive­ly, click through rate and con­ver­sion rate. High click and con­ver­sion rates, in turn, lead to a low cost per lead—proving our­selves as both a high-per­form­ing and cost-effi­cient part­ner in help­ing health­care orga­ni­za­tions engage with more patients.


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Baptist Health Guides Patients and Drives Growth with a Content-Driven Lead Nurturing Strategy

The marketing team at Baptist Health turned to True North Custom to address a common challenge: converting more qualified leads into patients.

This is a chal­lenge across all indus­tries as near­ly 8 in 10 mar­ket­ing leads nev­er con­vert into cus­tomers, and advanc­ing con­sumers from aware­ness to con­ver­sion can be even more chal­leng­ing in health­care. Find out how a con­tent-focused lead nur­tur­ing strat­e­gy helped Bap­tist Health close the gap between con­sumer engage­ment and patient acquisition.

The Organization

Head­quar­tered in Louisville, Bap­tist Health is the largest not-for-prof­it health sys­tem in Ken­tucky with more than 300 points of care and a physi­cian net­work of more than 3,000 employed and affil­i­at­ed physicians.

The Challenge

Hos­pi­tal and health sys­tem mar­keters face a long sales cycle for the high­est val­ue ser­vice lines, lack of vis­i­bil­i­ty into the cus­tomer base, and mul­ti­ple con­sumer touch­points dur­ing the patient jour­ney. These real­i­ties require health­care mar­keters to design lead gen­er­a­tion and nur­tur­ing strate­gies that per­son­al­ize the con­sumer expe­ri­ence and reduce fric­tion on the path to a patient encounter.

For many years, Bap­tist Health has exe­cut­ed cam­paign strate­gies that cen­ter around the use of health risk assess­ments (HRAs) from Medicom Health. These are evi­dence-based per­son­al health assess­ments that iden­ti­fy at-risk users through a com­bi­na­tion of ques­tions includ­ing fam­i­ly his­to­ry and lifestyle.

Since imple­ment­ing HRAs in 2013, approx­i­mate­ly 30,000 leads have been gen­er­at­ed across can­cer, bariatrics, car­di­ol­o­gy, GI and oth­er pri­or­i­ty ser­vice lines; how­ev­er, Bap­tist Health strug­gled to close the gap between HRA com­ple­tion and actu­al patient acquisition.

The Solution

“Work­ing with True North and
hav­ing your team take on our
automa­tion work­flows has been
a huge help. Hav­ing worked with
a vari­ety of oth­er ven­dors, I think
you guys are dif­fer­ent in that you
care about my ini­tia­tives, you care
about my suc­cess just as much as
I do and you guys are invested
from the very beginning.”
— Jil­lian Novak, Inbound Marketing
Spe­cial­ist at Bap­tist Health

As Bap­tist Health con­tin­ued invest­ing in their tech­nol­o­gy stack and the HRA func­tion­al­i­ty evolved, an oppor­tu­ni­ty emerged to opti­mize lead fol­low up in an auto­mat­ed way. The mar­ket­ing team at Bap­tist Health worked with True North to plan and cre­ate unique email strate­gies to engage con­sumers and con­vert prospects for pri­or­i­ty ser­vice lines.

The lead nur­tur­ing strat­e­gy start­ed with the breast can­cer ser­vice line with the goal of increased mam­mo­grams and includes a num­ber of email mes­sages deliv­ered in the weeks imme­di­ate­ly fol­low­ing HRA com­ple­tion. The email jour­neys con­sist of fol­low-up and nur­tur­ing mes­sages based on the consumer’s risk lev­el. Con­tent is specif­i­cal­ly designed to dri­ve patients to sched­ule a mam­mo­gram appoint­ment, as well as to cross-pro­mote oth­er women’s health services.

The Results

The lead nur­tur­ing strat­e­gy has been high­ly effec­tive for Bap­tist Health, as evi­denced by both engage­ment rates and down­stream patient encounters:

  • 44% aver­age email open rate
  • 70.59% aver­age con­ver­sion rate from HRA com­ple­tion to appointment
  • 63 ser­vice line encoun­ters, a 125% increase YOY
  • $233,478 total charges, a 185% increase YOY

As fur­ther evi­dence of the program’s suc­cess, Bap­tist Health and True North were select­ed to host a mas­ter class on mar­ket­ing automa­tion in health­care dur­ing the 2020 Health­care Inter­net Con­fer­ence.

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Weight-Loss Campaign Generates 250+ Leads in 4 Months

Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center’s ongoing campaign for its weight-loss surgery program is generating outstanding results.

In late sum­mer 2019, Clax­ton-Hep­burn Med­ical Cen­ter approached True North Cus­tom with a chal­lenge: The Ogdens­burg, New York, med­ical cen­ter had part­nered with bariatric sur­geons to launch a weight-loss surgery pro­gram, and the first patient sem­i­nar was already sched­uled for Sept. 17. The hospital’s mar­ket­ing depart­ment had no mate­ri­als to sup­port the program.

Clax­ton-Hep­burn, a True North client for 17 years, need­ed a cam­paign that would inform poten­tial patients about the exis­tence of the pro­gram, encour­age those inter­est­ed to attend an infor­ma­tion ses­sion and then pro­vide poten­tial patients with addi­tion­al mate­ri­als to help them make a deci­sion about the surgery.

“Our team was up to the chal­lenge,” says Jason Skin­ner, chief mar­ket­ing offi­cer at True North. “With­in days, our team had devel­oped a strate­gic approach for a mul­ti-pronged cam­paign that met the client’s needs.”

Nurturing Patients Along the Way

The cen­ter of Claxton-Hepburn’s cam­paign was a weight-loss surg­erland­ing page that pro­vid­ed sem­i­nar infor­ma­tion, intro­duced the sur­geons and served as a sem­i­nar reg­is­tra­tion por­tal. A direct mail cam­paign, along with dig­i­tal adver­tis­ing through Face­book and paid search, direct­ed poten­tial patients to the land­ing page to learn more about the pro­gram and reg­is­ter to attend an infor­ma­tion ses­sion. Once reg­is­tered, patients began receiv­ing the com­po­nents of a five-part email drip cam­paign that guid­ed them along the deci­sion-mak­ing process. 

“Before they attend­ed the infor­ma­tion ses­sion, the poten­tial patients received an email thank­ing them for reg­is­ter­ing, and two emails were deployed a few days before the infor­ma­tion ses­sion remind­ing them of the date and time of the pro­gram,” Jason says. “After they attend­ed the sem­i­nar, they received sup­ple­men­tary infor­ma­tion to help them learn more, includ­ing a four-page down­load­able guide, an info­graph­ic and a video—all cus­tom con­tent cre­at­ed by the True North team.”

Generating Outstanding Results

In the first four months, cam­paigns pro­mot­ing the weight-loss sem­i­nars have deliv­ered out­stand­ing results:

Leads Generated

(can­di­dates inter­est­ed in attend­ing the seminars)

Attended Seminar

with 51 atten­dees sign­ing up to be for­mal­ly eval­u­at­ed for the program


average open rate

The email nur­tur­ing cam­paign has proven to be a valu­able asset for the campaign

“With­in two days of launch­ing this cam­paign, we saw poten­tial patients reg­is­ter for the infor­ma­tion ses­sion, and con­tin­ued to have mul­ti­ple peo­ple reg­is­ter every week,” Jason says. “This is an exam­ple of how a well-designed cam­paign can attract the right patients, encour­age them to take action and then nur­ture them along the deci­sion-mak­ing process.” 

Let’s Grow Your Bariatric Surgery Volumes

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Orthopedics Campaign Boosts Volume and Patient Engagement for Altru Health System

A year-long orthopedics campaign increases engagement for improving patient activation during the busy and quiet months.

The Organization

With more than 4,000 employ­ees and a region­al foot­print that includes north­east North Dako­ta and north­west Min­neso­ta, Altru Health Sys­tem serves a pop­u­la­tion that pri­or­i­tizes sports and out­door activities—fertile ground for ortho­pe­dic ser­vices, espe­cial­ly joint care. When Altru want­ed to increase the num­ber of peo­ple who sign up for their ser­vice-line sem­i­nars, they turned to True North Cus­tom to stim­u­late increas­es in engage­ment for improv­ing patient acti­va­tion.

The Goal

The health system’s objec­tive was to boost patient vol­ume by intro­duc­ing prospects to its sur­geons and tech­ni­cal capa­bil­i­ties at a series of free sem­i­nars focused on knee, shoul­der and hip pain.

The Strategy

Altru worked with True North Cus­tom to pro­mote the sem­i­nars by devel­op­ing an inte­grat­ed cam­paign incor­po­rat­ing direct mail pieces, paid search and social tar­get­ing, and a brand­ed land­ing page with con­ver­sion oppor­tu­ni­ties as well as email automa­tion for nur­tur­ing ear­ly-stage leads.

The Results

Since launch­ing in Sep­tem­ber 2017, the joint pain cam­paign has gen­er­at­ed 648 encoun­ters that have deliv­ered more than $10 mil­lion in down­stream rev­enue. This trans­lates into a cam­paign return on invest­ment of $227 to $1 based on con­tri­bu­tion margin.

Along with the finan­cial impact, cam­paign response has been remark­able. The dig­i­tal com­po­nents alone have gen­er­at­ed 242 sem­i­nar requests and 138 qual­i­fied calls.

Oth­er cam­paign met­rics include:

Paid Media:

  • Cost per Click: $1.25 (well under indus­try aver­age of $2 to $3)
  • Cost per Action: $35.97 (indus­try aver­age is under $500)


  • Con­fir­ma­tion Email Open Rate: 69.01%

Along with the high­ly tar­get­ed audi­ence and cus­tom con­tent, one of the keys to the campaign’s suc­cess involves time­ly and con­sis­tent nur­tur­ing of those patients and prospects who raise their hands in response to the messaging.

“Altru does a fan­tas­tic job con­nect­ing with patients dur­ing the sem­i­nars and fol­low­ing up after the fact,” says Jenn Tay­lor, account man­ag­er at True North Cus­tom. “From allow­ing peo­ple to sched­ule con­sul­ta­tions on-site to keep­ing track of who signs up and attends, they stay in close con­tact with com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers who show inter­est in their programs.



Downstream Revenue

Campaign ROI

Keep­ing Altru Front and Cen­ter: Patient acti­va­tion and patient engagement

The suc­cess of this cam­paign speaks for itself in num­bers, but Altru took it one step further.

“True North is a true part­ner,
they treat clients as a rela­tion­ship
rather than a ven­dor. They
under­stand health­care.”

— Annie Bonz­er, Direc­tor of
Mar­ket­ing and Pub­lic Rela­tions
at Altru Health Sys­tem”

Patients were sign­ing up for sem­i­nars, but Altru didn’t want to lose touch dur­ing the sum­mer months when no sem­i­nars were offered. They worked with True North Cus­tom to devel­op a drip email cam­paign designed to edu­cate and engage poten­tial patients dur­ing the qui­eter sum­mer months. Ide­al­ly, these increas­es in engage­ment would allow for improv­ing patient acti­va­tion dur­ing the entire year.

This nur­tur­ing cam­paign was bro­ken into two dif­fer­ent groups of sem­i­nar respon­dents: the first of which con­sist­ed of peo­ple who signed up for the ortho­pe­dic sem­i­nar but didn’t attend.

“We want­ed to focus on the issues poten­tial patients may be fac­ing right now,” Tay­lor says. “So for this first group, we pro­vid­ed edu­ca­tion and insight designed to add val­ue to their lives and kept Altru top of mind.”

The last email of the cam­paign spoke to the upcom­ing sem­i­nars that are restart­ing in the fall. The emails direct recip­i­ents to the land­ing page, which has been refreshed with new dates and sign-up forms for this year’s seminars.

The sec­ond group of tar­get­ed drip cam­paign emails was sent to peo­ple who attend­ed a sem­i­nar in 2018 but didn’t fol­low up or make an appoint­ment with a physi­cian. The email con­tent was a lit­tle dif­fer­ent for this group, since they already attend­ed a sem­i­nar and may be fur­ther along in their patient jour­ney. The emails includ­ed top­ics like What hap­pens when you have a knee/hip replace­ment? What’s the recov­ery time? How do you pre­pare your home for post-sur­gi­cal recov­ery? The call to action moti­vates the audi­ence to make an appoint­ment by call­ing or sched­ul­ing via Altru’s online portal.

Altru has tak­en this ser­vice-line cam­paign to the next lev­el in terms of stor­ing and using data. They load their sem­i­nar sign-ups into their CRM data­base and col­lab­o­rate with True North Cus­tom to ana­lyze marketing’s impact on down­stream revenue.

“They have their eye on the entire process,” Tay­lor says. “Besides click-through rates and phone calls, they’re also look­ing at poten­tial prospects to see if if they’re hav­ing oth­er encoun­ters at their facil­i­ties and gen­er­at­ing revenue.”

Because of this in-depth inquiry and insight, True North Cus­tom has been able to help Altru cre­ate data-dri­ven cam­paigns, patient engage­ment pro­grams and cus­tom con­tent dur­ing a time when they would oth­er­wise not have con­tact with their audi­ence, help­ing move poten­tial patients along in the process.

At the mid­point of the ortho­pe­dics cam­paign, open rates are well above indus­try stan­dard, and there have been zero unsub­scribes for any of the ortho­pe­dic email drips. The con­tent is res­onat­ing with the tar­get audi­ence and patient engage­ment objec­tives are being met. Based on the suc­cess of the ortho­pe­dics cam­paign, this approach has been extend­ed to inte­grat­ed cam­paigns pro­mot­ing weight man­age­ment and heart and vas­cu­lar screen­ings, and oth­er exam­ples of patient engage­ment campaigns.

“We were able to edu­cate and engage prospec­tive patients where they need­ed it most,” Tay­lor says. “That has made all the dif­fer­ence in the suc­cess of this campaign.”

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