Proven Strategies for Marketing Orthopedic Services

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Marketing orthopedic services requires a highly strategic approach that engages consumers at all stages of the decision journey. As a leading orthopedics marketing group, we’ve compiled best practices for capturing pent-up demand and creating long-term patient relationships.

Dri­ving rev­enue for ortho­pe­dics is a top-of-mind pri­or­i­ty for many health­care mar­keters, as the ser­vice line fuels finan­cial per­for­mance and con­nects with a diverse set of patients who form rela­tion­ships with the health sys­tem dur­ing their expe­ri­ence. Mar­ket­ing ortho­pe­dic ser­vices can range from sports med­i­cine ser­vices tar­get­ing a young and active demo­graph­ic to joint replace­ments for an aging pop­u­la­tion, and a vari­ety of con­cerns in between.

The top­ic is par­tic­u­lar­ly rel­e­vant today because of the back­log of elec­tive pro­ce­dures cre­at­ed by COVID 19. This pent-up demand is pro­ject­ed to fuel a surge in pro­ce­dures through ear­ly 2023. Fur­ther, with more and more health­care providers not just embrac­ing dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing, but becom­ing good at it, the com­pe­ti­tion to cap­ture this pent-up demand is becom­ing intense.

A strong mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy for ortho­pe­dics and sports med­i­cine should include a diverse set of chan­nels and tac­tics designed to engage with con­sumers appro­pri­ate­ly through­out their care jour­ney to con­nect them with the care they need. Min­i­mal­ly, your ser­vice line growth plans should include SEO for ortho­pe­dics key­words and oth­er dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strate­gies that cre­ate a con­ver­sion path for candidates.

In our work with health sys­tems and med­ical prac­tices as an ortho­pe­dics mar­ket­ing group, here are ortho­pe­dic cam­paign and con­tent ini­tia­tives we’ve found to be most effective:

  • Paid search to cap­ture high intent search vol­ume and dri­ve con­sumers direct­ly to care
  • Paid social media and native adver­tis­ing strate­gies to mar­ket-spe­cif­ic ortho­pe­dic ser­vices to high-val­ue audi­ence targets
  • Dis­play adver­tis­ing, stream­ing ser­vice pro­mo­tion and tra­di­tion­al adver­tis­ing to build your brand as a pre­mier ortho­pe­dic and sports med­i­cine provider
  • Direct mail to com­ple­ment all of the above and keep your brand top of mind for high-val­ue targets
  • SEO per­for­mance strate­gies, both tech­ni­cal and con­tent-focused, to dri­ve as much organ­ic engage­ment with your ser­vice line as possible
  • Con­sis­tent, authen­tic and author­i­ta­tive mes­sage and cre­ative strat­e­gy through­out the ser­vice line to most effec­tive­ly sup­port the con­sumer deci­sion-mak­ing journey

As you build out your ortho­pe­dic mar­ket­ing plans, there are a few key con­sid­er­a­tions to keep in mind spe­cif­ic to indi­vid­ual services:

Sports Medicine Marketing

When it comes to pro­mot­ing sports med­i­cine, the crit­i­cal points include an empha­sis on get­ting ath­letes of any lev­el back to activ­i­ty as quick­ly and safe­ly as pos­si­ble, as well as con­ve­nient access to ser­vices through­out the health­care journey.

In order to cap­ture vol­umes, keep these best prac­tices in mind:

  • Pro­mote your ortho­pe­dic urgent care loca­tions and offer­ings because like with any front-door ser­vice, cap­tur­ing loy­al­ty as ear­ly as pos­si­ble in the care jour­ney is key to cap­tur­ing high acu­ity (pro­ce­dure) rev­enue later.
  • Build your brand. As an expe­ri­enced ortho­pe­dic mar­ket­ing group, True North focus­es specif­i­cal­ly on sophis­ti­cat­ed dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strate­gies that dri­ve demand; how­ev­er, brand mat­ters a lot in the sports med­i­cine space. Part­ner­ships with local uni­ver­si­ty and pro­fes­sion­al sports teams can ele­vate your per­cep­tion as a provider of high qual­i­ty sports med­i­cine ser­vices in the com­mu­ni­ty and should be both fos­tered and pro­mot­ed thoughtfully.
  • Define your audi­ence tar­gets. You’re like­ly going to be tar­get­ing both old­er ath­letes (think 30+ run­ners and cyclists just try­ing to stay fit and active) as well as par­ents of young ath­letes. These seg­ments each have unique moti­va­tions and needs when it comes to pur­su­ing care, and based on your social media plans and key­word tar­gets, we encour­age you to devel­op per­son­al­ized mes­sag­ing accordingly.

Total Joint Replacement Marketing

For many health­care providers, total joint vol­umes rep­re­sent a large rev­enue oppor­tu­ni­ty and pri­or­i­ty. Pur­su­ing the pro­ce­dure has many lifestyle ben­e­fits for patients, but is often asso­ci­at­ed with a long deci­sion-mak­ing jour­ney with many con­sumers putting off the pro­ce­dure for 10 or more years.

With this, there are a few ways to diver­si­fy your cam­paign and con­tent strat­e­gy to con­nect with con­sumers at var­i­ous stages of their jour­ney in a way that will pro­pel your ortho­pe­dic mar­ket­ing outcomes:

  • Down­load­able guides on top­ics like readi­ness for joint replace­ment or recov­ery from joint replace­ment can be an engag­ing asset for con­sumers at the “con­sid­er­a­tion” stage of their jour­ney. This allows you to cap­ture their email address and nur­ture them towards a con­sult appointment.
  • Sem­i­nars and events are anoth­er engag­ing way to con­nect with con­sumers at the con­sid­er­a­tion stage of their jour­ney. Through online and in-per­son events, peo­ple are able to ask ques­tions and learn more about the pro­ce­dure in a low-pres­sure set­ting. As a bonus, these events pro­vide social inter­ac­tion that your 60+ audi­ence might be craving.
  • Patient sto­ries, par­tic­u­lar­ly if exe­cut­ed through video, can be a great resource to pro­mote through social media, on your web­site, through YouTube and more as a way to high­light the ben­e­fits of joint replace­ment and ease poten­tial fears about the procedure.
  • Cre­at­ing a seam­less path toward con­ver­sion at the bot­tom of the fun­nel can be an over­looked piece of the con­tent strat­e­gy con­ver­sa­tion. Your land­ing pages designed to facil­i­tate con­sul­ta­tion appoint­ments should be infor­ma­tive, share some infor­ma­tion about what to expect from the process, and be easy for the con­sumer to use. Fur­ther, appoint­ment requests should be fol­lowed up with quick­ly because joint replace­ment vol­umes can face fierce com­pe­ti­tion when it comes to patient acqui­si­tion.

By focus­ing your mes­sag­ing on the ben­e­fits of joint replace­ment and pro­vid­ing gen­uine­ly help­ful infor­ma­tion through­out your cam­paign strat­e­gy, you’ll be posi­tion­ing your brand to win the race for joint replace­ment vol­umes in your market.

Hand, Shoulder and Small Joint Marketing

While not always a high pri­or­i­ty for ortho­pe­dic and sports med­i­cine providers, there is a rev­enue poten­tial in tar­get­ing patients with hand, shoul­der and small joint con­cerns that’s worth cap­i­tal­iz­ing on.

Here are a few ways to think about incor­po­rat­ing these tar­gets into your ortho­pe­dic mar­ket­ing campaigns:

  • Focus on spe­cif­ic con­di­tions or joints in your paid search and social media adver­tis­ing to max­i­mize effi­cien­cy and hone in on very high intent and spe­cif­ic per­sonas who may need help.
  • Since these might not be your most valu­able patients and you may be chal­lenged with a lim­it­ed bud­get, con­sid­er focus­ing on opti­miz­ing your SEO per­for­mance through con­tent, list­ing man­age­ment and rep­u­ta­tion strate­gies to cap­ture con­sumer search vol­ume organ­i­cal­ly in an effort to alle­vi­ate paid search spend.
  • Include these ser­vices and con­di­tions in your blog con­tent plan­ning to con­tin­u­ous­ly address top­ics like carpal tun­nel syn­drome and arthri­tis pain through­out your con­tent mar­ket­ing and SEO strategies.

Key Takeaways

As out­lined above, effec­tive­ly mar­ket­ing ortho­pe­dic ser­vices requires a strate­gic, cus­tomer-cen­tric approach that engages can­di­dates at all stages of the health­care jour­ney. Here are a few keys to suc­cess based on our expe­ri­ence in work­ing with hos­pi­tals and health sys­tems nation­wide as a trust­ed ortho­pe­dic mar­ket­ing group:

  • While an over­ar­ch­ing ortho­pe­dics and sports med­i­cine strat­e­gy is impor­tant, your cam­paigns will only be suc­cess­ful if you clear­ly define the cam­paign method­ol­o­gy at the ser­vice and audi­ence level.
  • Con­tent is key through­out your cam­paign strat­e­gy and align­ing the resources and sto­ries you pro­vide con­sumers to their search behav­ior will opti­mize engage­ment and con­ver­sions through­out your campaign.
  • A diver­si­fied, yet con­sis­tent and inte­grat­ed, approach to dig­i­tal and tra­di­tion­al mar­ket­ing is nec­es­sary for suc­cess with a ser­vice line like ortho­pe­dics with a vari­ety of audi­ence tar­gets and increas­ing­ly intense com­pe­ti­tion fight­ing for the same leads.

If you’re chal­lenged with pro­mot­ing mul­ti­ple ser­vice lines and need guid­ance and/or sup­port to meet vol­ume or rev­enue goals, turn to an ortho­pe­dics mar­ket­ing group like True North with exper­tise across myr­i­ad orga­ni­za­tion sizes, types and geographies.

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