Pro Tips for Flu Shot Marketing in the COVID-19 Era

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For most hospitals and health systems, flu shot marketing is a staple on the seasonal content calendar. This year, the stakes are much higher, and the flu-related content shared with your community can have a major impact on avoiding a “twindemic” as COVID-19 continues to spread.

Here are the ways we’re guiding healthcare clients in creating effective flu shot marketing content during the COVID-19 era:

Follow the Guidelines

With so many theories surrounding the pandemic, content related to the flu should adhere to CDC guidelines and be tailored to unique needs within your local market. Your website and social pages should offer guidance on why, how, when and where to get a flu shot and what to do if you currently have COVID-19 or were previously infected.

Here are a few considerations when creating your flu-focused content.

Timing — For the general public, the CDC has not changed the recommended timing for flu vaccinations this season. Like most years, September and October are ideal. However, vaccinations should continue in January or even later as long as flu viruses are still circulating. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend creating blog and social posts optimized for local keywords and offering calls to action that encourages consumers to get a flu shot. Make it easy with explicit direction on where and when the shot will be available, and how to pay for it if not offered for free, so they can plan accordingly.

Topic — Along with addressing the basics around why a flu shot is important, it’s important to touch on the impact of COVID-19 and other areas your consumers are concerned about this year. For example, the latest CDC guidelines suggest COVID-19 patients should delay getting a flu shot this year.

Here are a few of the most common flu-related topics we’re helping healthcare organizations develop for their blogs and social media channels.

  • How flu shots can help in the fight against COVID-19
  • Flu vaccination could help avert COVID-19, influenza 'twindemic'
  • Five reasons to get the flu shot—especially this year
  • Flu vaccine for children in the time of COVID-19

Answer the Most Common Questions

Using search engine optimization (SEO) tools like SEMrush, marketers can research frequently asked questions and trending topics related to the flu and include these topics in your content strategy. This will ensure your community gets the clarity and confidence they need when searching for credible information to prevent infection.

Here are a few of the most common flu-related questions consumers are seeking answers for:

  • Does the flu shot protect against the coronavirus?
  • Can I have COVID-19 and the flu at the same time?
  • Can COVID-19 lead to a false positive flu test?
  • Is the flu shot going to be effective against COVID-19?
  • During COVID-19, when should you get your flu shot?
  • How would a flu vaccine now help to not get COVID-19?
  • If I have the flu vaccine, am I immune to COVID-19?

Examples to Inspire Your Flu Content

As they have throughout the pandemic, healthcare marketers are rising to the challenge and keeping their communities safe and well informed through timely, relevant content.

To inspire your flu shot marketing efforts, here are a few examples of how leading hospitals and health systems are addressing the topic this season.

Flu vs. COVID-19: Can You Tell the Difference? from Cleveland Clinic

Diabetes and the Flu: A Dangerous Combination from Emanate Health

Are Vaccines Needed If School is Virtual? from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

4 Ways to Get Ready for Flu Season from Methodist Health System

Why You and Yours Need Flu Vaccinations This Year from Vanderbilt Health

Why You Should Get Your Flu Shot from Weill Cornell Medicine

We Can Help Guide Your Community

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