How Does Your Healthcare Brand Sound?

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Healthcare Industry Insights | 0 comments

We continue our series of interviews with healthcare content marketing experts presenting at this year’s Cleveland Clinic Health Summit.

We have covered content topics including elevating the physician voice and upgrading your digital presence. Now we continue our dive into voice search with Tom Neumann, MBA, executive director, content and creative services, Cleveland Clinic.

Why do you feel voice search is relevant for today’s healthcare content marketing professionals?

Voice is here and it’s not going anywhere—it is the future of content engagement. It’s critical that we embrace the technology and all of the opportunities that come with it. Alexa skills, Google Assistant actions and overall voice search behavior present remarkable opportunities for marketers.

Knowing how much traditional organic search is health-related tells us how significant it is to truly be there on any device for our patients seeking answers.

Can you share an anecdote or experience that illustrates how Cleveland Clinic implements voice and storytelling on these new platforms?

In late 2017, Cleveland Clinic launched our first Amazon Alexa skill—our Cleveland Clinic Tip of the Day can be added to your daily flash briefing. We started small (flash briefing skills are easier to build) and we utilized existing content from our health tip of the day email newsletter.

The process of building that skill and supporting it with content taught us so much about content structure and process as well as helped us answer a key question all brands face with the expansion of voice technology, “How does our brand sound?”

We were able to expand on what we learned to launch a Google Assistant action this year that is more interactive and conversational. Users have options of three different tips from nutrition, healthy habits and common concerns. Mapping content and building out our conversational style guide were important elements established in this product development process. We were able to continue building on the sound of our brand.

As is true with everything we do in healthcare content marketing, we continue to iterate and optimize on these products. Utilizing data and feedback from users, we are exploring additional opportunities to expand our voice presence.

How is healthcare content marketing becoming as much of a science as an art for leaders like Cleveland Clinic?

The most successful content marketing products deliver information that audiences really want and use to help them make decisions. Understanding the data and analytics behind content performance and user behaviors is an important part of the content marketing process.
Creating the right content for the right customers on the right platforms delivered in the right moments in their journey is extremely difficult. It truly is where art and science come together.

What is the most important thing you want attendees to take away from your presentation?

Voice is an exciting new frontier. We will share what we know and have learned in our own Cleveland Clinic journey with voice, and we will share how we’ve worked with both Amazon and Google to develop products and establish our future-forward content strategies.

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