Content Marketing Tips and Trends for Healthcare Professionals, July 2020

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As healthcare marketers continue to respond to the pandemic, growth strategies and 2021 planning are increasingly becoming the number one priority. Consumers are still, and likely will continue to be, hesitant to pursue often critical in-person care.

This trend, com­bined with a need to do more with less, are cre­at­ing new chal­lenges for mar­keters and an excit­ing oppor­tu­ni­ty to add val­ue for the health sys­tem and con­sumer alike through the con­tent and cam­paign strate­gies we decide to execute.

In this month’s “top­ics, tools, and trends” arti­cle, we’re touch­ing on a few strate­gies you can imple­ment today to help your orga­ni­za­tion and mar­ket­ing team suc­ceed in the com­ing months. Learn about evo­lu­tions in Google My Busi­ness, trends for health­care pro­fes­sion­als that are gain­ing steam and an ad cre­ation tool we’ve all been wait­ing for.

Our focus topic: Google My Business

Google is now offer­ing cer­ti­fi­ca­tions for Google My Busi­ness. While on one hand, it’s just anoth­er way for Google to mon­e­tize their offer­ing, it does pro­vide an oppor­tu­ni­ty for mar­keters to upgrade their pro­file for list­ings by becom­ing cer­ti­fied. As more orga­ni­za­tions pur­sue cer­ti­fi­ca­tions, it may soon become anoth­er fac­tor that influ­ences con­sumer trust in an albeit sur­face lev­el way, but one to con­sid­er nonetheless.

You may notice that health­care providers are not cur­rent­ly in the list of eli­gi­ble busi­ness­es. We ful­ly expect that in the com­ing weeks, health­care orga­ni­za­tions and even indi­vid­ual providers will be giv­en access to the pro­gram, and encour­age you to keep an eye on how the pro­gram evolves.

Our team took the time to think through a few pros and cons to con­sid­er for your organization:


  • Increased vis­i­bil­i­ty for cer­ti­fied listings—certified orga­ni­za­tions will be list­ed first, which also decreas­es the con­fu­sion caused by out of date or rogue accounts
  • Cer­ti­fi­ca­tions will like­ly build trust quick­ly in con­sumers search­ing for services
  • Proof of key busi­ness met­rics like loca­tion, size, and more
  • It’s only $50 per month—a min­i­mal cost when we con­sid­er how much the typ­i­cal health sys­tem spends on buy­ing Google Ads and main­tain­ing list­ings to begin with


  • When Google first toyed with this idea for local ser­vice ads, they planned to require back­ground checks for ALL employees—it’s unclear if that will be the case for Google My Busi­ness certifications
  • The process (and time com­mit­ment) to become a cer­ti­fied health sys­tem isn’t com­plete­ly clear yet
  • It’s implied—not promised or proven—that the pro­gram will lead to pri­or­i­ty rankings

Our advice to clients is to hang tight for now to see how the pro­gram evolves from here. While the low entry cost and poten­tial ben­e­fit seem like a no-brain­er, there may be some hur­dles to get through, and Google cer­tain­ly needs to add health­care orga­ni­za­tions and providers to the list of eli­gi­ble busi­ness­es. We want to see proof that the pro­gram leads to increased rank­ings before encour­ag­ing clients to pur­sue the cer­ti­fi­ca­tions. That said, let us know if you have suc­cess with the program!

Our top new tool: AdParlour

Have you ever tried to review your paid search strate­gies with a non-mar­keter and strug­gled to get them to visu­al­ize what ad copy will look like? Us too. It’s chal­leng­ing to read through ad copy in a spread­sheet for­mat and pro­vide thought­ful feed­back. Many of us need to visu­al­ize the con­tent in con­text of how it will be used.

AdPar­lour allows us to pro­vide mock ups of search ads to review with the appro­pri­ate spec­i­fi­ca­tions for Face­book, Search, LinkedIn and more. It even includes ver­sions of the mock ups for var­i­ous device types. You prob­a­bly won’t need it for every ad, but for those pre­sen­ta­tions to ask for more bud­get or review your per­for­mance, this FREE tool could be a life saver.

Our main trending topic: How to relieve patient fears

One of the biggest con­tent trends for health­care pro­fes­sion­als that we’re see­ing this sum­mer is tied to a chal­lenge mar­keters will have to over­come for the fore­see­able future: con­sumers are hes­i­tant to seek in-per­son care right now. Heart attacks and strokes aren’t hap­pen­ing less fre­quent­ly, can­cer inci­dence isn’t going down and cer­tain­ly con­sumers still need pri­ma­ry care ser­vices. Peo­ple are sim­ply delay­ing screen­ings and shrug­ging off symp­toms that typ­i­cal­ly wouldn’t—and shouldn’t—be ignored.

Arguably, the only way to dri­ve behav­ior change is through con­tent mar­ket­ing. Only through con­tent and sto­ry­telling can we make peo­ple in every demo­graph­ic and socioe­co­nom­ic seg­ment of our pop­u­la­tion under­stand WHY they need to pur­sue care. Then, it’s the job of the provider to pro­vide a fric­tion­less path­way to the clin­i­cal resources their com­mu­ni­ties need.

With the begin­ning of the school year on the hori­zon, one top­ic that you should con­sid­er writ­ing and deploy­ing right away is why vac­cines are crit­i­cal for chil­dren. We had a hunch that peo­ple would delay rou­tine care and annu­al well vis­its, but the search vol­ume we’re see­ing from wor­ried par­ents won­der­ing if it’s okay to skip vac­cines for their chil­dren is sur­pris­ing and con­cern­ing. Try­ing rank­ing for key­words like “nat­ur­al immu­ni­ty”, “vac­cine deci­sions,” “con­cerns about clin­ics,” “are clin­ics safe” and oth­er relat­ed terms.

Here are a few of the questions being asked frequently across the country:

  • What hap­pens if I don’t vac­ci­nate my child?
  • Is it safer to get a vac­cine or stay away from the clinic?
  • Isn’t nat­ur­al immu­ni­ty bet­ter than a vaccine?

There may be oth­er key ques­tions and search terms unique to your mar­ket, too. These tips and trends for health­care pro­fes­sion­als are meant to be adapt­ed and test­ed. We’re hap­py to dis­cuss how you might use con­tent mar­ket­ing to con­nect with con­sumers and dri­ve behav­ior change around key local issues.

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