3 Things Amanda Todorovich Wants Every Healthcare Marketing Pro to Know

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In this excerpt from our Healthcare Insight podcast, Amanda Todorovich offers her view as senior director of digital marketing and health content at Cleveland Clinic.

Amanda TodorovichAmong other topics, we asked Todorovich how she’s built an elite healthcare marketing team, what her must-have tools are and how the hospital's content strategy has shifted in light of COVID-19. Here are three things she wants every healthcare marketing pro to know.

Flexibility is essential for long-term success

Todorovich's team has evolved a lot over the years. She says the most important skill—no matter the role—is flexibility.

"The channels are constantly changing and we're writing about different topics every day. You have to be able to roll with the punches and have an innate drive to constantly be doing better. Our philosophy is: How do we beat yesterday?"

Embrace agility and data analysis

To plan content for the Health Essentials blog and other channels, Todorovich's team huddles every day to talk about data, trending topics and learnings from conversations with clinical teams.

"We want to know what patients are asking, along with tracking what people are doing on our website and searching for on Google to find out where can we fill a gap," she says. "We log and track everything we do, look back at seasonal trends, such as what happened last year at this time. Then, we determine what we should repeat and what we should do differently."

This approach requires a healthcare marketing pro with an agile mindset to constantly plan and pivot when opportunities emerge.

"We don’t plan too far out. We want to be hyper relevant so it’s a steady drumbeat of keeping up with what’s going on and relevant right now."

Strategy built on audience needs will always be effective—even in a crisis

Throughout the pandemic, Todorovich says she's learned the importance of taking the time to pause and reflect instead of reacting.

"It’s easy in a crisis environment to just keep moving forward and doing what everybody’s asking you to do. We haven’t changed our strategy at all. It’s still about offering useful, helpful and relevant content. The only thing that’s changed is the topics. Now, we’re talking about COVID-19 every single day. But we’re still doing it in the same fashion that we did prior to the pandemic."

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In the 30-minute conversation for our Healthcare Insight podcast, Amanda shares more tips for healthcare marketing pros—including best practices for collaborating with clinical leaders, how the hospital is leveraging TikTok and MUCH more!

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