5 Tips and Tricks to Writing a Better Blog

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Digital Strategy

A great blog is at the core of any successful content marketing strategy. Here are five tips and tricks for writing a better blog for driving engagement and conversion.

Initially used as an instrument for personal expression in the early 1990s, today blogs have become a powerful tool for many marketers. Among top content blogs, quality content strategy reigns as a universal characteristic. Here’s a few tips and tricks for writing a better blog. Before long, you'll learn how to make the most of your audience’s time—and stand out as a better blog among the pack.

  • Find your voice. Do you want your blog to be fun? Informative? Authoritative? Setting—and maintaining—the tone of your blog can have a huge impact on your potential readership. If you find people are not reacting to your content, consider tweaking the tone.
  • Make it mobile. People are reading content at home and on the go from their smartphones and tablets, so maximize your website for mobile use. Too many large graphics could keep your website from loading, tempting people to close the tab. Mobile users are also less likely to scroll, so find ways to keep content limited to one screen—or offer click-through links to related topics.
  • Optimize interaction. Quality blog posts offer a dynamic experience for the reader. Break up lengthy blog topics into more digestible forms of content, such as infographics, slideshows or quizzes to inspire learning moments. Adding a photo or graphic can also keep readers engaged. For example, if you’re writing about winter fitness, consider adding a photo of people enjoying a run outdoors or a diagram of how to layer clothing.
  • Set a schedule—and stick to it. Once you start blogging regularly, your audience will come to depend on your content popping up in social media feeds. Consider producing one or two blogs a week if you’re just getting started. Keep an outlined schedule with seasonal blog post topics, such as “Maintaining New Year’s Resolutions,” for content launching in the early spring months.
  • Tag and tease it. Hashtags can boost who sees your content. Don’t be afraid to add pertinent tags to content. For example, when sharing a cardiovascular article, tweet it with hashtags such as #hearthealth and #cardio. Just make sure you search hashtags to ensure you’re reaching the right audience before tweeting. Also, don’t let hashtags dominate your condensed word count. Writing custom teasers for different types of social media, such as Facebook, can also encourage readers to click or share your posts with their newsfeed.

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