3 Things Mathew Sweezey Wants You to Know About the Future of Marketing

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As Director of Market Strategy at Salesforce, Mathew Sweezey has a front-row seat to the future of marketing. We recently spoke with him on trends in consumer behavior and marketing technology as well as his new book: The Context Marketing Revolution.

Mathew Sweezey podcast interview

In this excerpt from our Healthcare Insight podcast, we dig into the possibilities for the future of marketing. Learn why Mathew believes marketers have to change the way they think about their brands and customers to succeed in the post-COVID-19 future.

The role of marketing is fundamentally changing

Mathew says the marketing function is evolving from creators who force messaging on their markets to champions of the customer experience.

“The role, scope and function of marketing is shifting from the department that tells the world about the products you’ve created to the owners and sustainers of all experiences across the customer journey.”

Mathew says marketers must work with customers to co-create rather than developing products, content and other brand extensions independently. By bringing customers into the process, marketers can develop content and solutions that generate both immediate demand and long-term growth.

“Tying experiences together and optimizing them across the customer journey is the way modern brands grow. That’s the modern concept of marketing.”

We are moving into the 'context marketing' era

In his new book, The Context Marketing Revolution, Sweezey asserts that we are in the "infinite media era" where customers shape their own experiences. Marketers who understand how to insert their brands into their customer experience at the right time and place will succeed.

“Think about how the media environment operates. We can all go to Google and ask the exact same question. And each one of us is going to get a different set of answers based on our personal context. Humans can’t manage that by themselves. There’s a layer between us and the answer, which is Artificial intelligence (AI), completely attuned to the context of the moment.”

For brands to break through this AI filter, content must be contextual to the individual at the moment.

“We must understand what that person’s problem is at that key moment of truth and then solve that problem. That approach creates the best returns from a marketing standpoint.”

Imagination, not technology, is the key to effective marketing

As employee No. 13 at Pardot (start-up that became the automation platform for Salesforce), Mathew worked with thousands of companies to implement marketing automation. He wrote Marketing Automation for Dummies to guide marketers on effectively leveraging technology.

“There are two different types of marketers. Those who say, ‘I’m going to get automation to automate all the things I’m currently doing.’ And they simply take all their ideas and automate them. Those companies never see the ROI out of automation as they've usually just created spam cannons.

“On the other hand, those companies who see marketing automation as a new way to do new things are the ones who succeed and see massive returns. Imagination is the key foundation for using automation to open a door to new possibilities you’ve never had before.”

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In the 30-minute conversation for our Healthcare Insight podcast, Mathew shares more insights on the future of marketing.

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