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by | Feb 20, 2017 | Digital Strategy

To boost traffic and engagement for your website, borrow a few ideas from these top hospital blogs.

Suc­cess­ful hos­pi­tal blogs fol­low the same basic prin­ci­ples of all effec­tive con­tent mar­ket­ing: Give your audience—and search algorithms—what they want.

By deliv­er­ing rel­e­vant, engag­ing con­tent on a reg­u­lar sched­ule, and mak­ing it dis­cov­er­able by search engines, your health­care brand will become a trust­ed guide on the health­care journey.

Your hos­pi­tal blog is a great place to build a strong brand and unique voice for your orga­ni­za­tion. For inspi­ra­tion, take a look at some of our favorite hopi­tal blogs that are set­ting the pace for health­care con­tent marketing.

Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

As one of the world’s top health­care providers, it’s no sur­prise that Cleve­land Clin­ic is also a leader in deliv­er­ing health­care content—and it’s Health Essen­tials blog has more than 10 mil­lion month­ly visitors.

This approach has turned into a for­mi­da­ble social media pres­ence for the Clin­ic, which is used to pro­mote the blog con­tent. As of 2021, the hos­pi­tal has more than 2 mil­lion fol­low­ers on Face­book, near­ly 2 mil­lion on Twit­ter, 500,000 on LinkedIn and 137,000 on Instagram.

Why we like it: Health Essen­tials sets the stan­dard for con­sumer-cen­tric con­tent, fea­tur­ing arti­cles on top­ics like Dat­ing Apps: 7 Ways to Keep Your San­i­ty and Why You Should­n’t Mix Ener­gy Drinks and Alco­hol.

Health. Wellness. Prevention. blog from University of Maryland Medical System

The UMMS blog fea­tures rel­e­vant, acces­si­ble con­tent that reflects the sys­tem’s mis­sion to put greater care with­in reach, so that every­one in Mary­land has every­thing they need to live better.

With a range of topics—from prac­ti­cal tips on com­mon pain reliev­ers to arti­cles high­light­ing the sys­tem’s advanced tech­nol­o­gy—the blog tru­ly offers some­thing for all audi­ences to come away smarter and inspired to make health­care decisions. 

Why we like it: The UMMS offers use­ful con­tent for every stage of the health­care jour­ney. Whether users are just start­ing to research symp­toms, eval­u­at­ing treat­ment options or ready to con­nect with a physi­cian, they’ll find it on Health.Wellness.Prevention.

HealthFeed blog from University of Utah Health Care

Launched in 2013, Health­Feed has embraced con­tent to pro­mote Uni­ver­si­ty of Utah Health Care as an author­i­ty on med­ical mat­ters. In addi­tion to offer­ing a wide scope of health infor­ma­tion (sort­ed by top­ic), Health­Feed uses every arti­cle to con­nect read­ers with a health­care expert.

Health­Feed also pro­motes The Scope, a Uni­ver­si­ty of Utah Health Sci­ences pod­cast series that address­es com­mon health chal­lenges. This this type of inte­grat­ed con­tent brings read­ers and lis­ten­ers clos­er to health experts, while also help­ing read­ers build a rela­tion­ship with the U of U Health Care brand.

Why we like it: Health­Feed con­nects the uni­ver­si­ty’s med­ical experts with con­sumers in a rel­e­vant and mean­ing­ful way.

Sharing Mayo Clinic

When it comes to posi­tion­ing your health­care brand as a com­pas­sion­ate, high-qual­i­ty sys­tem, noth­ing speaks loud­er than the words of your patients. The Shar­ing Mayo Clin­ic blog puts con­tent mar­ket­ing in the hands of con­sumers, pro­vid­ing a plat­form for patients, fam­i­ly, friends, and Mayo Clin­ic staff to share their sto­ries about how the Mayo Clin­ic impact­ed their lives.

Although Shar­ing Mayo Clin­ic is not the health­care provider’s only online con­tent plat­form, the unique, per­son­al approach to con­tent is extreme­ly effec­tive. In fact, user-gen­er­at­ed con­tent is 35 per­cent more mem­o­rable and 50 per­cent more trust­ed than oth­er forms of media.

Why we like it: From per­son­al nar­ra­tives about oncol­o­gy treat­ment to pow­er­ful patient sto­ries to reports about how Mayo Clin­ic med­ical staff vol­un­teer their time, the Shar­ing Mayo Clin­ic blog per­son­al­izes the large insti­tu­tion and cre­ates a space for read­ers to feel con­nect­ed with a larg­er system.

SHINE Online from Methodist Health System

This blog is the per­fect exam­ple of how a health­care orga­ni­za­tion can evolve its con­tent strat­e­gy to align with the mod­ern health­care jour­ney. In 2019, mar­ket­ing lead­ers at Methodist found them­selves with an abun­dance of great con­tent pro­duced for the exist­ing blog and com­mu­ni­ty pub­li­ca­tion—but no cen­tral­ized loca­tion for con­sumers to engage with their sto­ries, blog posts and videos.

Methodist also desired to cre­ate a mul­ti­fac­eted con­tent expe­ri­ence for their audi­ence and rel­e­vant con­ver­sion oppor­tu­ni­ties for ser­vice lines.

Why we like it: Through the inte­grat­ed con­tent hub fea­tur­ing info­graph­ics, videos and patient sto­ries, SHINE offers a seam­less expe­ri­ence between print and dig­i­tal plat­forms. This inno­v­a­tive approach earned SHINE recog­ni­tion as the 2020 Health­care Blog of the Year. Most impor­tant­ly, the con­tent hub is gen­er­at­ing unprece­dent­ed lev­els of con­sumer engage­ment—dri­ving over 1,000% more traf­fic than the sys­tem’s for­mer blog.

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