Our 3 Favorite Hospital Blogs

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Healthcare Industry Insights

When crafting the perfect blog for your healthcare organization, learn from the best — read our recommendations for top hospital blogs.

Hospital blogs can be as simple or as complex as your time and budget will allow. Successful blogs follow the same basic principles of all online content—leveraging soft-sell, lifestyle-focused content that links interested consumers to a relevant service line. Once engaging, quality content is delivered on a regular schedule, you can use data to fine-tune the timing of posts, the most effective headlines, and where to cross-promote on social media.

Your hospital blog is a great place to build a strong brand and unique voice for your organization. Take a look at some of the blogs that elevate healthcare content marketing from good to great.

Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

As one of the world's top healthcare providers, it's no surprise that Cleveland Clinic is also a leader in delivering healthcare content—and it's Health Essentials blog has more than 4 million monthly visitors. This has turned into a formidable social media following for the Clinic, with more than 2 million likes on Facebook and more than 815,000 followers on Twitter.

This content marketing behemoth had humble beginnings—in 2013, three people with a vision to create a leading access point for health and wellness information ran the blog. Today, Director of Content Marketing and 2016 Content Marketer of the Year Amanda Todorovich and her team of more than 20 content marketers operates Health Essentials.

Although a lot has changed, the number of daily posts (three to five) hasn’t. Rather than publishing more, the team has used data to build a well thought-out marketing plan. All content is something new, specific enough to require action, and created with a particular audience in mind.

True North Custom loves this blog for its strategic approach to content marketing and social sharing.

HealthFeed from University of Utah Health Care

When your organization is doing high-level, high-quality research, hospital blogs with content marketing in mind allow you to build brand awareness with consumers and elevate your system’s reputation. Launched in 2013, HealthFeed has embraced this tactic to promote U of U Health Care as an authority on medical matters. In addition to offering a wide scope of health information (sorted by topic), HealthFeed uses every article to connect readers with a healthcare expert.

HealthFeed also promotes The Scope, a University of Utah Health Sciences podcast series that addresses common health challenges. This this type of integrated content brings readers and listeners closer to health experts, while also helping readers build a relationship with the U of U Health Care brand.

True North Custom loves HealthFeed for connecting medical experts with consumers in a relevant and meaningful way.

Sharing Mayo Clinic

When it comes to positioning your healthcare brand as a compassionate, high-quality system, nothing speaks louder than the words of your patients. The Sharing Mayo Clinic blog puts content marketing in the hands of consumers, providing a platform for patients, family, friends, and Mayo Clinic staff to share their stories about how the Mayo Clinic impacted their lives.

From personal narratives about oncology treatment to powerful patient stories to reports about how Mayo Clinic medical staff volunteer their time, the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog personalizes the large institution and creates a space for readers to feel connected with a larger system.

Although Sharing Mayo Clinic is not the healthcare provider’s only online content platform, the unique, personal approach to content is extremely effective. In fact, user-generated content is 35 percent more memorable and 50 percent more trusted than other forms of media.

True North loves this blog for the empathic and organic approach to content.

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