10 Eureka Moments for Healthcare Marketers from Meghan Keaney Anderson

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During our conversation for the Healthcare Insight podcast, Meghan Keaney Anderson dropped dozens of truth bombs about how marketers can elevate performance and embrace change. Here's a preview—with more insights in the full interview.

Meghan Keaney Anderson headshotOur conversation with Meghan ranged from content strategy and copywriting to embracing personal and professional growth during the pandemic. Here are 10 ideas from her episode of our healthcare marketing podcast that will inspire, stretch and challenge your thinking.

We often think of ads as these very distinct things from the rest of our content strategy, but just because you put money behind something doesn’t mean it’s a different piece of content. In fact, ads should be at the same level of quality or higher because you're putting money behind it.

We split our content team [at Hubspot] into people who write thought leadership and people who write for search. People who write for search are thinking about the distribution as they write about it. For example, they’re thinking about how to structure that blog post to make it really scannable because people searching want information fast. They want it to surface in a Google Snippet or when reading it on a site, they want to be able to scan and understand the point of the article.

Everything is different and nothing is different at the same time. The whole world has drastically changed and what we deal with on a day-to-day basis is different, but the fundamentals of what works for content is still the center of that Venn diagram: what matters to your company versus what matters to the content consumer at the other end. The golden spot in the middle is the overlap between what they care about what you care about.

When things don’t work on social media or the blog, you either have the subject wrong or you have the timing wrong. You really have to pay attention to engagement rates to understand the zeitgeist right now and what matters to people in this moment.

It’s a really interesting time for healthcare right now, but the subject matter is also drastically changing. People are putting off surgeries or trying to understand how to navigate the healthcare system at this time. As a marketer, you want to swing with the culture towards that content and turn up the volume of that in your mix.

The content you put out there is a contract with the people who are consuming it, and you have to hold up your end of that bargain from a quality standpoint.

People go to the internet because they want to learn something. Educational content has always done well for us and also shows us intent really clearly, and that has to be especially true for the healthcare space. Think about how much self-education people do before they make a commitment to a health choice.

When people start to stand out, it’s when they start to see beyond their own context and pull in threads from other teams and companies and ask, “What can we learn from this?” Position yourself as someone who can galvanize ideas and streamline them to make the whole company better.

It’s not about who talks the most in the meeting. If you say one thing in a meeting, that’s fine as long as that thing is thoughtful, you deliver it with conviction and clarity, and it moves the conversation forward.

If you come out of this year the same way you went into it, you’ve missed the boat. This is a tremendous time for personal development, for development as a leader, for development in your company and the way you approach customers, for development as a society—and that thought has pulled me through tough days this year. This is indeed uncharted territory, but we all have the empty paper in front of us on which to draw the map.

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